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Sri Lanka’s Dilmah Infusions voted number one in tea category under Product of the Year awards

Sri Lanka’s Dilmah Infusions voted number one in tea category under Product of the Year awards

Sri Lanka’s Dilmah Infusions range has been voted number one in the tea category this year in the world renowned Product of the Year awards.
The Product of the Year is the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation and it accepts entries every year from products around the world that demonstrate innovation and were launched within the previous year.
Dilmah Natural Infusions were selected for the prestigious award by Australian consumers, the local media has reported.
According to reports, the range is unique for its ayurveda inspired composition, based on authentic and artisanal ingredients, including Ceylon Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Nutmeg, Moringa, Turmeric, black Pepper and Coconut amongst others.
In formulating the line, Dilmah has reportedly drawn on the 3,000 year history of natural wellness that Sri Lankan ayurveda offers and has combined those with antioxidant rich rooibos and green rooibos.
The Product of the Year 2020 award in the tea category was presented to the heads of Dilmah Teas Sri Lanka Merrill J. Fernando and Dilhan, by Television Personality Sonia Kruger at an Awards Night celebration that recognised winners in each of their categories.
The event was held in Sydney’s award winning Quay Restaurant in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and with the spectacular backdrop of the Sydney Opera House.
Sarah Connelly, Director of Product of the Year Australia, had hosted the evening together with the Product of the Year team.
“I first brought Dilmah to Australia in the 1980s as a tea grower with a dream of launching my own brand. Everyone told me it was impossible, but Australian tea drinkers appreciate the taste and goodness in my tea and gave me the break I needed. I am humbled that 32 years later, Australian consumers have once again recognised my commitment to quality, authenticity and a genuine purpose,” Fernando has said.
Since its launch, Dilmah has expanded to over 100 countries, yet, maintaining its founding commitment to quality and integrity.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s tea industry is on a continuous growth path and international recognition enjoyed by local products as stated above provides a further boost for the brand Ceylon Tea to regain its No. 1 position in the global tea market. There have been many foreign media reports on the high quality as well as price of Ceylon Tea in foreign markets. The Sri Lanka Tea Board is also engaged in a global tea promotion to further expand the market of Ceylon Tea. The many trade agreements as well as the trade concessions enjoyed by the country have also helped the local tea export market. Foreign businesses could therefore explore business opportunities in Sri Lanka’s tea industry and also look at forming partnerships with local companies.

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