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Sri Lanka’s commercial capital to be fortified by One Colombo Fort

Sri Lanka’s commercial capital to be fortified by One Colombo Fort

Daily FT: One Colombo Fort (OCF), a far-reaching campaign to turn Sri Lanka’s No.1 Ward into a vibrant tourism and economic hub, and a model sustainable city has been launched.
A collaborative effort between the State and the private sector, the project is spearheaded by developmental catalyst Dr. Dinesh Watawana and the Daily FT, highlighting the increasingly pivotal role of media as advocates of progress.
Working under the premise of creating shared value, this development nexus seeks to bring about transformation through advocacy and cutting-edge concepts which will inspire both the Government and private sector stakeholders into leveraging on the city’s rich historical heritage and modern interventions in a seamless marriage that would transform Colombo Fort into a sustainable city that lends itself into a robust tourism brand.
From a rare lighthouse doubling as a clock tower in the middle of a busy street to etching itself into history as the cradle of Ceylonese cricket, to boasting Asia’s oldest department store, Sri Lanka’s Numero Uno, Colombo Fort is where history lives on, hand in glow, with the sky-high present, avers project architect Dr. Watawana.
Colombo Fort’s true character and value are enshrined in its Colonial heritage but somewhere between the eternal liaison, decadent spaces of neglect and apathy pose a ghostly reminder that the future of Sri Lanka’s Ward No.1 is colliding with its glorious past, he adds. “But what if this treasure trove could be transformed into a sustainable city of wonders, creating the most vibrant tourism brand and a role model for this island nation? What if its colonial architects join hands to give life to an inspirational chapter of creating shared value?”
OCF’s mandate is to bring together all the stakeholders, including the State machinery, premier blue chips, and the SMEs, inspiring change through advocacy, turning eye-sores into attractions, creating resourceful new ideas while carving out a vibrant brand under One Colombo Fort, built on a structured sustainable plan of growth.

OSL take:
The need to promote Colombo as a model sustainable city in Sri Lanka is of utmost importance to be in line with the country’s target of becoming a business hub in the South Asian region. The government of Sri Lanka has already planned several programmes under the Urban Development Authority (UDA) to transform the country’s commercial capital, Colombo, into a sustainable city that combines both heritage and business interests. Sri Lanka’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by Sri Lanka with other countries are all in line of making the country a business destination in the region. The development of Colombo as a sustainable city has presented foreign businesses/investors to explore the growing business/investment opportunities in the city development programme. The ongoing economic activities in the country indicate a further expansion in Sri Lanka’s key economic sectors resulting in guaranteed returns on investment for foreign businesses/investors engaging in the Colombo City transformation programme.

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