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Sri Lankan film industry writes to President seeking assistance to industry

Sri Lankan film industry writes to President seeking assistance to industry

A group of Sri Lankan film technicians and directors have requested the President to address a problem created by an unscientific method of releasing and distributing films contrary to the National Film Corporation Act, the media has reported.

The local film artist’s alliance headed by Rohan Welivita, in a recent letter to the President has suggested a set of proposals that would lead to a solution.
“If this strategy cannot be adopted in the long term due to any reason, we appeal you to adopt this on an experimental basis for at least a year to assess its effectiveness.” Welivita has reportedly said.
The proposals include;

  • 1. The 3-distribution channels that are presently being utilized in operation without any scientific-basis be activated in a formal scientifically based system.
  • 2. List out the exhibition theatres allocated to each of the 3-circuits separately.
  • 3. Under no reason or circumstance should the thus allocated exhibition theatre be allowed to exhibit a film allocated to another circuit.
  • 4. The films should be released according to the date of approval received by respective film from the Public Performance Board.
  • 5. A film thus released, must be granted exhibition in all allocated exhibition period per day for a period of 2-weeks concurrently. When and if such a legally assigned film is to be “pulled out” of an assigned exhibition theatre, all such stoppages must be based on a scientifically worked out system based on “hold-over figures” common to all films released for exhibition.
  • 6. An agreement of release between the assigned circuit and the film producer must be signed at least 3-moths prior to the date of release. This will allow the producer at least 10-weeks for the advertising and promotion campaign for the film.
  • 7. The release of foreign films should be activated strictly in accordance with the National Film Corporation initial Act.

OSL take:

The letter by the film industry stake holders indicate several opportunities for interested parties to provide solutions. The local film industry has the potential to be developed into a lucrative business venture.

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