Sri Lankan company ventures into export market by exporting i-Roof products to the Indian market - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan company ventures into export market by exporting i-Roof products to the Indian market

Sri Lankan company ventures into export market by exporting i-Roof products to the Indian market

Idea Group of Companies of Sri Lanka, which offered local consumers the revolutionary roofing product i-Roof, has now ventured into the export market by exporting its first consignment of i-Roof products to India, reports state.
Goods shipped in February this year were ordered by a leading construction company in Bangalore, Idea Group has stated in a media release.
i-Roof will be exported to many other countries within the next few months. Orders have been already secured from Ghana, Malawi, Madagascar and Egypt, the company has said.
i-Roof produced with the payoff-line “Roof with best benefits” is the only ASA polymer roofing tile produced in Sri Lanka with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard certification, the company has further noted.
“The green product i-Roof doesn’t contain Lead (Pb) or asbestos in its composition and is considered the best solution for Sri Lankan roofing requirements. In estimates made by building constructers on fixing the roof, i-Roof contributes to the lowest cost per square foot that include; fixing the frame, using heat resisters and fixture of thatching sheets. When estimates are made on roofing tiles, Aluminum sheets (regular shape) and Aluminum sheets (tile shape) for roofing requirements, the cost is much higher,” the media release has added.
CEO/Managing Director, Idea Group Ltd, Sampath Mayakaduwa has said that while securing the export market was a positive development, i-Roof is also a ground breaking product.
“We used the latest technology in the world and the best raw materials to produce i-Roof product. After securing the largest market share in the country we aimed at entering the export market and participated in few trade exhibitions in the world including ‘Big 5’ a leading trade exhibition in Dubai. At those exhibitions, leading construction companies in the world got attracted to the i-Roof product. The supremacy of our product resulted in exporting the first i-Roof consignment to India. We will soon export our roofing products to many more countries,” he has said.
According to reports, since i-Roof has four layers, it gives coolness to homes. The outer layer is made with ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) that offers heavy resistance to sunlight.
Hence i-Roof rids houses of heat and saves the cost for heat resistant gear needed by other thatching sheets. i-Roof maintains its colour too. Idea is a leading diversified company in Sri Lanka, active in construction, hotels and IT.

OSL take:

The news of a Sri Lankan company venturing into the export market with a locally manufactured product is firstly an indication of the high standard of the country’s industries sector. The statement by i-Roof manufacturers that the products will be exported to India, Ghana, Malawi, Madagascar and Egypt is an encouraging sign for foreign businesses/investors looking at the performance of local businesses. Such foreign businesses/investors could look at exploring the possibilities of forming partnerships with Sri Lankan companies to further expand operations.

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