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Sri Lankan company expands operations of green charcoaling project in the country

Sri Lankan company expands operations of green charcoaling project in the country

A pioneer in activated carbon multi-national in Sri Lanka, Haycarb PLC has announced plans to establish another 15 units of “Haritha Angara” by the end of the year. The move would further expand the breakthrough in green charcoaling technique with local suppliers across Sri Lanka.
Working in partnership with Sri Lanka’s Coconut Development Authority (CDA) and an extended network of small and medium supplier partners across the country, the next phase of the Haritha Angara initiative would increase a total number of green charcoaling units up to 230, by end of 2019, with plans to scale up to 500 charcoaling units by the end of 2025.
“With the development of our Green charcoaling technology, we became the pioneers in Asia to establish pollution-free charcoaling technique along-side energy generation. Through Haritha Angara, we are working to share these vital and ground-breaking techniques with our network of supplier partners, in order to protect our environment, while at the same time, improving livelihood opportunities for communities across Sri Lanka, encouraging them to convert to green charcoaling by paying a premium to our suppliers,” Haycarb PLC Managing Director, Rajitha Kariyawasan has been quoted as saying.
According to reports, initiated in 2014, the project commenced with the extension of technical support to existing charcoaling units to incorporate Haycarb’s green charcoal production techniques.
However, the programme was quickly expanded to provide suppliers with long-term, interest-free loans to further assist supplier partners to improve and establish new eco-friendly units.
At present, a significant portion of Haycarb’s entire supply of charcoal has already been converted to eco-friendly manufacture, while long-term plans are also in place to fully replace and expand its entire supply chain in Sri Lanka to eco-friendly charcoal by 2025.
One of the key objectives of the project moving forward is to attract the collection of coconut shells that are usually wasted at household level and channel them into the charcoal industry, the local media reports stated.

OSL take:

The government of Sri Lanka pays special attention to the protection of the environment by giving priority to the promotion of environmentally friendly concepts in all key economic sectors. Foreign businesses engaged in eco promotion could explore business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka.

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