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Sri Lankan company develops bio pesticide for Ectoparasites

Sri Lankan company develops bio pesticide for Ectoparasites

A Sri Lankan company, Agro Nutrition Pvt Ltd, has successfully developed a bio pesticide for Ectoparasites in farm animals proving that ban of pesticides for agriculture is a timely move, according to local media reports.
“At a time when most people are over reacting against the import of pesticide we have proved that locally researched and developed organic products are of international standards,” Managing Director, Agro Nutrition (Pvt) Limited, Prabath Fonseka has been quoted as saying in the Daily News.
Fonseka, who is a hotelier and a chemist, has reportedly said he has already developed a 100% natural therapeutic solution for treating mites, fleas and ticks in chicken and cattle in the livestock industry. “This product is clinically tested, evaluated for toxicity at the veterinary Faculty of University of Peradeniya under the supervision of prof. Jayantha Rajapaksha.”

It has also been registered as a veterinary product in the veterinary Drug Control Authority of Sri Lanka and prior to it in Australia and Europe and this product is formulated using essential oils and effective as a chemical anti ectoparasite product when used correctly it costs the same or little less than imported synthetic pesticides, local media reports have further noted.
“Currently we export this product to European veterinary companies to distribute to other parts of the world. One must remember that centuries ago the world survived without synthetic drugs, agro chemicals and pesticides. Extensive use of chemicals, resulted in the world being chemically altered which has become a threat to human health. Today the world has realized the ill effects of chemical products and started going back to basics as I see a huge increasing demand from the developed countries for organic products and medicine.”

As for the criticism on the government’s move to ban pesticides, he has noted, “It’s a bold decision taken by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at a time when human health is blinking due to extensive use of chemicals and drugs. The move will also save billions of rupees from the fertilizer import bill.”
According to the report, potent pesticides can be made from Neem, essential oils and many other natural products but the western chemical manufacturers discourage products derived from these naturals, because they are detrimental to their billion dollar businesses.
Fonseka had disclosed that inspired by the ban on the import of pesticides Agro Nutrition is in the process of testing new natural remedies to replace chemical pesticides.
“Sri Lanka has rich biodiversity but sadly authorities are paying less attention to R&D. However in contrast our company has taken an initiative and hired University graduates and as a result we have come out with new products sources from local natural ingredients,” he has added.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s decision to completely ban imports of chemical fertilizers and promote the use of organic fertilizer has opened a whole segment of business/investment opportunities in the country’s agriculture sector. The government of Sri Lanka is committed to increasing the country’s organic fertilizer production with immediate effect. Foreign agri businesses could therefore explore opportunities in Sri Lanka’s agriculture sector.

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