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Sri Lanka records increase in computer literacy in 2018

Sri Lanka records increase in computer literacy in 2018

Sri Lanka’s Census and Statistics Department has stated that the country’s computer literacy in 2018 had grown to 29 percent from 28.6 percent a year earlier.
Accordingly, the Western Province had the most computer literate, up to 40 percent in 2018 from 38.8 percent in 2017, while the lowest was in the Eastern Province at 14.8 percent, up from 14.7 percent.
The highest growth in computer literacy was seen in the Northern Province, at 19.5 percent in 2018 from 16.9 percent a year earlier, reports state.
However, computer literacy had recorded a decline in the Central, North Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces.
Sector-wise, rural-area computer literacy grew marginally to 27.5 percent, while the estate sector recorded 10.8 percent, up from 9.1 percent, the local media has reported, adding that urban sector computer literacy has fallen marginally to 40.4 percent.
Computer literacy has risen among those who have at least attained GCE Advance Level qualifications, while recording declines among those who have lower educational achievements, local media reports further state.
Among employed persons, computer literacy was 63.2 percent, with the highest number of literate found among clerical workers, technicials and associate professionals, professionals, managers and military personnel.
Meanwhile, household population using the internet has grown to 26.8 percent from 22.7 percent, while e-mail usage has fallen to 10.2 percent from 11.2 percent.
The Census and Statistics Department has also said 68.7 percent of internet users had accessed the web through smart phones, while 26.3 percent used desktops or laptops, 2.8 percent tablets and 2.2 percent mobile phones.

OSL take:

Sri Lankan authorities have given priority to the upliftment of the ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors in the country. The government of Sri Lanka has also introduced many incentives to promote the two sectors identifying the global requirements of the future. Therefore Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors are continuously expanding creating many business/investment opportunities for foreign companies.

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