Sri Lanka receives Japanese assistance to construct clean water supply system in Eastern Province - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka receives Japanese assistance to construct clean water supply system in Eastern Province

Sri Lanka receives Japanese assistance to construct clean water supply system in Eastern Province

Sri Lanka has reportedly received a grant of US$ 85,682 (approx. Rs. 16 million) from the government of Japan through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) to provide a Clean Water Supply System at Lahugala in the Mahaoya Divisional Secretariat, Ampara District in the country’s Eastern Province.
The grant contract was reportedly signed recently at the Ambassador’s Residence in Colombo, between Ambassador of Japan Sugiyama Akira and Green Cross Sri Lanka President Dr. Jagath Seneviratne.
The Green Cross Sri Lanka since its establishment in 2005 has made significant contributions to providing access to clean water and sanitation for communities and to ensuring the welfare and education of children and youth under the ‘water for life and peace’ programme, local media reports have stated.
According to reports, a village located in the dry zone with a population of 1,500 in the Lahugala GN Division is hugely deficient of clean drinking water and most of the residents in the hamlet, are supplied water once a week through a bowser which is to a large extent insufficient for satisfying the needs of the families. Other water sources available are unsuited for drinking purposes since it is contaminated with agrochemicals which increase the risk of waterborne diseases. To alleviate the sufferings of the local community, this grant is to be utilized to construct filtering facilities, a water tank and pipelines to ensure the regular supply of clean water for all households in the rural village.

Upon receiving the grant, Dr. Seneviratne has been quoted as saying, “Through this project, underprivileged families in the rural areas can have clean water for their daily purposes, especially for drinking which they didn’t have for several years and we as a nation are grateful for it. The villagers suffer from kidney diseases as there is a great shortage of clean water supply and water-borne diseases in these areas are very high due to these conditions. We ensure that these barriers will be removed through this water project, giving new hope to our younger generations.
“Reports from the Mahaoya District Base Hospital prove there is a significant reduction in kidney disease patients and water-borne diseases in Tampitiya and Pulawala, where we implemented the water projects in the past, and we expect the same outcome from the Lahugala project. While thanking the Government of Japan and the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka for entrusting us with this project, we sincerely thank The Green Cross Japan for their immense contribution in initiating this project successfully.”

OSL take:

The ongoing development programme launched by the government of Sri Lanka island wife has opened up many business/investment opportunities in the country. After a temporary break last year due to the global Covid 19 pandemic, Sri Lanka’s development agenda covering all key economic sectors through our the country are once again back on track. All this activity has opened up many business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka. Also, Sri Lanka is fast becombecoming a business hub in the South Asian region given its geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country.

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