Sri Lanka provides opportunities for unsolicited PPP bids - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka provides opportunities for unsolicited PPP bids

Sri Lanka provides opportunities for unsolicited PPP bids

The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is to rigorously promote Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in order to restructure and improve efficiency in some State Owned Enterprises (SOE).
Though the country has had some experience in PPP ventures, there is a vast vacuum where many more PPPs can explore the country’s as yet untapped potential in that area.

With a variety of sectors open to such partnerships, investors have the choice of venturing into many sectors and some projects even have the potential to generate additional enterprises that will generate income.
For example, setting up a desalination plant to provide purified fresh water to consumers will result in a salt sludge by-product that has the potential to be pumped into a saltern increasing salt production. This efficient use of a by-product not only helps reduce costs of waste disposal but also optimises efficiency in that it will eventually pave the way for by-products to be transformed into other lucrative income sources.

With a field of sectors and projects open for PPPs, unsolicited proposals by the private sector have a good chance of successfully securing a desired project.


GoSL will also announce formal solicitations, but the potential for unsolicited proposals to thrive seems highly likely as the country’s infrastructure boom may continue for a long time to come necessitating diverging into unchartered areas. Whilst attempting to balance a growing debt crisis, GoSL will have to turn to more PPPs as it will be the only way forward to secure the country’s future economic stability.

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