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Sri Lanka to permit quadri-cycle taxis

Sri Lanka to permit quadri-cycle taxis

Transport Minister, Nimal Siripala de Silva says the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has decided to grant permission for quadri-cycles to be registered with the Department of Motor Traffic in order to provide a reliable substitute to the prevalent 3-wheeler taxis currently being operated around the island.
“Quadri-cycles have been approved in 16 countries so far. Unlike a three-wheeler, it’s covered on all sides, has four wheels and cannot make 90-degree turns,” he said at a Parliamentary debate.
De Silva added that proposed amendments to the country’s Motor Traffic Act will legally allow motor homes and caravans to register with the Department of Motor Traffic.
Sri Lanka’s market leader in 3-wheelers, Bajaj, has commenced manufacturing motorised quadri-cycles in order to provide a safer alternative to the 3-wheeler.
The country’s bus services has failed to deliver the demand for superior services citing restrictions on route runs due to the obscure procedure in granting of route permits and Sri Lanka’s strictly regulated bus service. As such market forces have permitted 3-wheelers to step in and counter the need for transport services by evolving its services.
Data released by the Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association reveal that on a daily basis approximately 1,500 commuters are abandoning bus travel and shifting to private transportation modes (privately owned motorcycles cars etc.) or 3-wheeler taxis.
During the debate de Silva revealed that over 1,000 deaths from motorcycle-related accidents and over 300 deaths from 3-wheeler related accidents occurred in Sri Lanka.


The government’s plans to introduce quadri-cycles and motor homes to Sri Lanka will provide an opportunity for an investor to either export these vehicles to Sri Lanka or open an assembly plant in the country.

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