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Sri Lanka to permit private air strips, heliports and helipads to promote domestic aviation sector

Sri Lanka to permit private air strips, heliports and helipads to promote domestic aviation sector

Sri Lanka’s newly-published National Civil Aviation Policy has reportedly stated that the construction of private airstrips, heliports and helipads will be permitted and encouraged subject to satisfying the applicable requirements published by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL).
This will be in keeping with plans to develop domestic air services and to this end, private sector investment in domestic airlines, as well as aerodromes and other aviation facilities and services, will be encouraged, the policy paper has stated according to the Daily FT.

According to reports, the paper has stated that all domestic aerodromes, except aerodromes exclusively used by the military, will be maintained in accordance with the applicable civil aviation standards to promote domestic aviation. At aerodromes where the military is present, segregation of space, facilities and services will be made enabling unimpeded application of civil aviation requirements for the civil aviation operations.

The construction of new domestic aerodromes will be pursued at locations based on tourism, trade, investment and commerce, industrial and religious centres and will include the construction of heliports and helipads, and private sector participation in this respect is encouraged, local news reports further stated.
The use of inland water bodies as water aerodromes will be encouraged and facilitated in consultation with relevant authorities in charge of such water bodies without prejudice to their primary use, reports have added.
Power to regulate all matters, inclusive of the charges levied at domestic airports, including water aerodromes and heliports/helipads used for civil aviation operations are to be vested with the CAASL.
It is also reported that the construction of helicopter landing pads at selected locations in major cities and by the side of highways and expressways will be promoted.

OSL take:

The government of Sri Lanka is committed to developing the country’s aviation sector, especially the domestic aviation sector. The National Civil Aviation policy has formed the foundation for the expansion of the country’s domestic aviation sector. The country’s geographical positioning in the Indian ocean and the recognition gained as a must visit tourist destination according to leading global travel publications have poised Sri Lanka as a growing business hub as well as a tourist destination in the South Asian region. All these are indicative of expanding business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore explore potential business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s domestic aviation sector.

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