Sri Lanka looking at developing Galle harbour into a Global Crew Exchange Hub - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka looking at developing Galle harbour into a Global Crew Exchange Hub

Sri Lanka looking at developing Galle harbour into a Global Crew Exchange Hub

The government of Sri Lanka is exploring the possibility of developing the Galle harbor, located in the country’s southern coast, into a Global Crew Exchange Hub by creating an environment for sailors to return to their respective countries via the island.
The Media Division of Sri Lanka’s President (PMD) has stated that this was discussed during a meeting with the representatives of leading local shipping companies held at the Presidential Secretariat early this week.
The representatives of the shipping companies have revealed that daily more than 300 trade vessels sail 10 nautical miles away from the Galle Port and this will pave the way to generate huge foreign exchange revenue.
The President has reportedly instructed the officials to adhere to health guidelines and regulations in the course of implementing this programme.
According to the PMD, the President has also explored the possibility of finding employment for youths at prominent shipping companies in the world where major shipping lines are facing labour shortages in the international market due to the Covid 19.
The possibility for Sri Lankans working in foreign ships which are sailing from east to west close to the southern coastal belt to enter and leave from the Galle habour was also discussed.
Of the 1.6 million global shipping crew 16,000 or 1% of the total are Sri Lankans and they annually contribute US$ 300 million to the Sri Lankan economy.
The President has pointed out that a twofold increase in the number of Sri Lankans in the field would double the country’s foreign exchange income.

OSL take:

The government of Sri Lanka is exploring new avenues to build up its foreign exchange earning areas. Sri Lanka’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean that places it in a key location in the international maritime routes would help the island promote itself as a global crew exchanging hub. Sri Lanka is targeting of becoming a key maritime hub in the South Asian region and would undoubtedly reach the position within the next few years. Therefore foreign businesses/investors could explore the business/investment potential in engaging in Sri Lanka’s maritime industry as well as invest in the setting up of the global crew exchange hub.

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