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Sri Lanka launches aggressive campaign to increase organic fertilizer production

Sri Lanka launches aggressive campaign to increase organic fertilizer production

Sri Lanka’s state owned institutions involved in the fertilizer sector are reportedly making an aggressive campaign to increase producing organic fertilizer using modern technology.
According to reports, this move is not only aimed at trimming the country’s fertilizer import bill of around US$ 400 million, but also to increase the use of organic fertilizer from the present 10% to around 70% in the next two years and most importantly take Sri Lanka towards a chemical free fertilizer using healthier nation.
Chairman of Ceylon Fertilizer Company Ltd earlier known as Ceylon Fertilizer Corporation, Janath S. Vidanage has told the local media that the first step towards this endeavor is made by merging them with Colombo Commercial Company and making a one strong unit.

Ceylon Fertilizer Company is engaged in importation of chemical fertilizer, producing quality fertilizer mixture and marketing, distributing through an island wide network of warehouses and thereby catering to the fertilizer needs of Sri Lankan farmers, the state owned Daily News has reported.
Presently, the Colombo Commercial Fertilizers Ltd is one of the two state owned organizations engaged in wholesale distribution of quality chemical fertilizers to the farmers in Sri Lanka and assisting to the growth of the agriculture economy of the country.
“The merger of these two will create a stronger institution which could address fertilizer issues in a more focused way. We are already talking to scientists and biologists to add natural substances to increase yields when using organic fertilizer which is one of the biggest arguments placed against the use of organic fertilizer,” Vidanage has said.
The report further states that the government will also extend credit facilities for entrepreneurs to commence new investments in this area.
Vidanage has added that the natural taste and health benefits when using natural produce cannot be compared.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s agriculture industry has become a hotspot for business/investment opportunities with government of Sri Lanka deciding to ban chemical fertilizers and promote only organic fertilizers. The immediate need to expand Sri Lanka’s organic fertilizer production has opened up new area of business/investment opportunities. Foreign businesses/investors could explore forming partnerships/joint ventures with local companies to enter into the organic fertilizer production sector.

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