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Sri Lanka develops infrastructure for higher education sector

Sri Lanka develops infrastructure for higher education sector

The government of Sri Lanka opened a new Building Complex of Sri Lanka’s first fully-fledged Faculty of Technology of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura a few days back and the new faculty spread over 10 acres of the Techno Park was built at a cost of about Rs. 3 billion.
The fully pledged faculty located in the Pitipana in the Colombo District and consists of new laboratories, lecture rooms, staff rooms, canteens as well as other facilities and is reportedly looking forward to contributing to the nation with high-quality graduates and research-based knowledge.
Faculty of Technology serves the nation by providing the higher education opportunity for the prospective undergraduates who are enrolling in the Sri Lankan university system through the newly introduced Technology stream to the school system.
“The strategy behind this is to harness the talents of the youth to capture the advantage of relevant emerging technologies to drive the economy by providing an education that encompasses competencies to satisfy the needs of society,” Sri Lanka’s Minister for Information and Communications Technology, Higher Education, Technology and Innovation Bandula Gunawardana has been quoted as saying in the local media.

OSL take:

The Covid 19 global pandemic has opened new business/investment opportunities in the education and higher education sectors globally. In Sri Lanka too there are emerging business/investment opportunities in the country’s higher education sector in the fields of introducing technology and necessary infrastructure for the higher education institutions to face the new normal post Covid 19. Foreign higher education institutions could explore business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s education sector.

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