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Sri Lanka to construct parallel runway in main Bandaranaike International Airport

Sri Lanka to construct parallel runway in main Bandaranaike International Airport

The government of Sri Lanka is reportedly looking at building a parallel runway which is well spaced from the existing runway at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) at an appropriate location, paving the way for independent and simultaneous operations of both runways, aiming at enhancing handling capacity, efficiency and productivity of aircraft movements of the international airport, according to the proposed National Policy on Aviation.
According to reports, this will be among several measures to be taken for the development of airport infrastructure and to develop and maintain all existing and proposed domestic and international airports in Sri Lanka according to required standards and the foreseeable demand based on traffic forecasts.

The national policy has stated that the BIA will be promoted as a hub airport, whilst developing other local airports based on market demand.
The policy paper according to local media reports has further stated that in the development of new airports or renovation or expansion of existing airports, the government of Sri Lanka will ensure that systematic planning, designing, development, implementation, operation and maintenance will take place through close coordination and proper dialogue with the statutory service provider, Airport and Aviation Services Sri Lanka Ltd. (AASL) and all other parties concerned.
It has also been noted that the Sri Lankan government will work towards setting up and operating four regional airports covering the north, east, south and west of Sri Lanka with a view to improving connectivity both internally and externally.
Other than at domestic airports, which are exclusively used by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) for security reasons, all domestic airports will be made available for joint civil/military use with clear segregation of civil and military activities, the report has added.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka’s aviation industry is currently showing signs of growth and expansion. The increase in the number of flights operated to Sri Lanka by international airlines is indicative of the growing business potential in the country’s aviation sector. The development process in expanding the country’s aviation sector has pose many business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s aviation sector. Sri Lanka is fast becoming a business hub in the South Asian region given it’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country.

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