Sri Lanka and Bahrain discusses ways to further strengthen ties - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka and Bahrain discusses ways to further strengthen ties

Sri Lanka and Bahrain discusses ways to further strengthen ties

Sri Lanka’s State Minister of Regional Cooperation Tharaka Balasuriya has reportedly held a phone discussion with the Kingdom of Bahrain Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Zayed bin Rashid Al-Zayani in order to enhance economic relations with the Middle East.
According to reports, the discussion was initiated to bolster Sri Lanka’s economic ties in the Middle East region. The two Ministers have reportedly explored means of enhancing economic relations, including trade and investment between the two countries.
During the discussion, State Minister Balasuriya has highlighted the investment opportunities at the Port City of Colombo, the gateway to South Asia, and had invited Bahraini investors to seize abundant offerings of this special economic zone.
Minister Al-Zayani has elaborated on the procedures that the Bahraini Government had implemented to bolster the country’s economy, which has made it a favoured destination for regional and international investors.
The Ministers have reportedly further discussed several areas of mutual interest, including cooperation in the areas of tourism, the creative economy, where small and medium enterprises play a key role, and in the multilateral arena.
The discussion was facilitated by Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Kingdom of Bahrain Pradeepa Saram.

OSL take:

Sri Lanka is currently in the process of further strengthening bilateral and trade ties. The country is engaged in am aggressive development programme aimed at taking the country to the next level of development. Sri Lanka is also fast becoming a business hub in the South Asian region given its geographical positioning in the Indian ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country. Given these developments, Sri Lanka provides an ideal destination for business/investment opportunities.

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