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How small scale entrepreneurs are leveraging off the country’s Tourism thrust

How small scale entrepreneurs are leveraging off the country’s Tourism thrust

Since the end of a three decade long conflict Sri Lanka has been on the threshold of bursting onto the Global stage as a Tourist hub in the region. Renewed efforts from the Unity Governments stated vision has the pearl of the Indian Ocean gearing up for an ambitious increase in the number of Tourist arrivals to the country from 2Million to 3.5Million by the year 2020.
The private sector has recognized the opportunities contained within these state initiatives and the country is witnessing a boom in land owners looking to convert parcels of lands to hospitality related investments with thematic concepts designed to attract not only the foreign tourist but the domestic tourist seeking relaxation and entertainment.
With a rich cultural background and landscaped with breath taking and picture perfect scenery, Sri Lanka rapidly in the process of adding to its arsenal of Tourist attractions by developing activity related novel experiences for different palates.
Eco-Agri resorts are one such innovation for the more Eco-system conscious Tourist. Private developers and land owners are exploring the potential in offering this niche market of tourists Eco Friendly resorts with the ability for them to experience rural life first hand within the comfort of luxury surrounds. The proposed Eco-Agri Spa development in Kalutara on the Coastal Belt of the country is one such proposed investment which contains exciting potential for the Eco friendly, “Green” tourist looking to experience first-hand the age old methods of cultivation and culture combined with relaxation.
Kalutara, historically was considered to be an epi centre for the spice trade which ancient Sri Lanka was famous for. Opportunities such as the Kalutara Eco-Agri Spa development is now re-focussing the economic importance of this town which lies approximately 40km south of Colombo. With over 20 reputable, star class hotels within its borders, this historic town is most famous in today’s context for the Kalutara Bodhiya; the Bo tree at the Gangatilaka Temple, a fig tree which is one of 32 saplings of the tree planted in Anuradhapura, derived from the mother tree under which the Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment. It is an attraction for hundreds of local, foreign, Buddhists and non-Buddhists who pay homage at its roots every day whilst travelling to and from the South to Colombo.
Proposed Eco-Agri developments such the referred spa facility will leverage off this traffic of tourists and locals further enhancing the tourist experience designed to create memories for the discerning traveller. Foremost, these luxury resort type of facilities will feature traditional Sri Lankan hospitality with the suitable ambience to ensure tranquillity and peace of mind. Guests would indulge in authentic culinary delights and enjoy a raft of activities centred around cultural performances, spa treatments and unique aqua recreational engagements, boating adventures, nature trails and of course common amenities such as luxury dining rooms and swimming pools etc.
Entrepreneurial ventures such as these are widely encouraged by the Sri Lankan Government, and the influx of similar opportunities have seen under-utilized parcels of land in the area being conceptualized for tourism related projects at a bargain price of approximately USD 2.5Million to USD3Million.

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