Opportunity Sri Lanka | » SLPA gets brand new cranes worth $ 282 million to boost capacity at East Container terminal
SLPA gets brand new cranes worth $ 282 million to boost capacity at East Container terminal

SLPA gets brand new cranes worth $ 282 million to boost capacity at East Container terminal

Daily FT: The Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) is to receive brand new 12 STS Gantry cranes and 40 ARMG cranes from China at a total cost of $ 282 million.
Three STS Gantry cranes were received at the SLPA’s East Container Terminal (ECT) on 2 February. The cranes will be installed at the ECT of the Port of Colombo. The total cost of the cranes are borne by Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA). ZHEN HUA 24 is en route to Sri Lanka carrying these brand new STS container cranes.
The specifications for the new STS Gantry cranes at the Port of Colombo are as follows:
The outreach of a crane is 72 metres, spanning to operate 26 TEUs across. Back reach extends to 25 m, with a lifting height above the rail of 55 m and a lifting height below the rail of 18 m. The maximum load capacity under the spreader is 65T while under the lifting beam, a crane can handle up to 75T.
East Container Terminal (ECT) of the Colombo South Harbour envisages 1,300 m long quay to accommodate three Ultra Large Container Carriers (ULCC) which have a length of 400 m or more at -18 to -20 m depth berths with a backyard area. The approximate terminal area is 72 ha and the annual capacity of the terminal is 2.4 million TEUs.
SLPA has already constructed a 600 m quay wall with an operationalised berth of 440 m, 18 ha yard, peripheral roads and related gate facilities etc., in 2015 as Phase-I of the project. The Phase-I of the terminal is in operation from October 2020.
The Cabinet of Ministers on their Cabinet decision dated 13.02.2021 decided to develop and operate ECT by SLPA. Accordingly, the bids were invited for the construction of ECT on open competitive bidding process as per Government guidelines.
As per the Cabinet decision taken for the Phase-II civil construction works of ECT dated 23.11.2021 has decided to award the contract to Joint Venture of Access-CHEC JVT Ltd. The agreement was signed between Joint Venture and SLPA on 20 December 2022 and the project commenced on 4 January 2023.
The ECT is the most strategically important terminal among the terminals in operation at the Port of Colombo. The terminal is operated by SLPA. Despite the post-COVID-19 pandemic era and the prevailing economic crisis, SLPA could retain funds for its investment through higher financial management.
The investment will facilitate the East Container Terminal (ECT) to be completed successfully by the end 2025, enabling it to operate at its maximum capacity and attract more deep draught vessels. This development will also significantly contribute to the annual increase in volumes at the Port of Colombo (POC) and provide additional berthing facilities for deep draught vessels at the port.
These investments will expedite the elevation of the port’s status as the central commercial and maritime hub port in the Asian region.
To achieve success in these endeavours, a pivotal and significant commitment has been demonstrated by the Government, under the leadership of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, along with Ports, Shipping and Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, the Secretary K.D.S. Ruwanchandra and the staff of the Ministry, SLPA Chairman Keith D. Bernard, SLPA’s senior management, executive officials, engineers, employees, trade unions, and their leaders.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean and the strong trade ties enjoyed with other countries have all helped boost the country’s maritime industry. As a result, there has been an expansion in the ports, shipping and logistics sectors in the local maritime industry. This expansion had resulted in many business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s maritime industry with the government of Sri Lanka also looking at the development of infrastructure and supplementary infrastructure facilities required by the industry to meet the growing demand. The authorities are also working on developing the ports, apart from the main ports, to further expand Sri Lanka’s maritime industry. Among the main ports in the country, the Colombo Port is currently undergoing development programmes to further expand the port’s operations. The growth in operations recorded by the Colombo Port as well as the other key ports around the country indicate the growth and business potential in Sri Lanka’s maritime industry. Foreign businesses therefore can explore the growing opportunities in Sri Lanka’s maritime industry, especially in the ports, shipping and logistics sectors.

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