Opportunity Sri Lanka | » Samson Rajarata Tiles expands global footprint with exports of terracotta floor tiles to Lebanon
Samson Rajarata Tiles expands global footprint with exports of terracotta floor tiles to Lebanon

Samson Rajarata Tiles expands global footprint with exports of terracotta floor tiles to Lebanon

Daily FT: Samson Rajarata Tiles Ltd., has expanded its global footprint by commencing floor tile exports to Lebanon with two container loads of terracotta floor tiles on 15 July.
The operation was undertaken as an initiative to expand its current export market and increase the flow of dollar revenue into the country during this challenging period. Currently, Rajarata Tiles exports to the UK, which is its largest customer, India, Germany, Australia, UAE, Maldives and now Lebanon.
Samson Rajarata Tiles is a fully owned subsidiary and is backed by the strength and legacy of DSI Samson Group, commonly known as DSI, which is one of Sri Lanka’s largest business conglomerates that operates in 16 sectors with 22 strategic business units.
The terracotta floor tiles produced by Samson Rajarata Tiles are made from 100% locally sourced materials and manufactured at their production plant located in Gnanikkulama, Anuradhapura. Rajarata Terracotta floor tiles are renowned for their unique feature of heat reduction and the natural cooling effect they provide.
The demand for Rajarata Terracotta floor tiles has been high in recent times due to hot weather conditions and the increase in building constructions with rooftop areas. These tiles are used for laying the floor of rooftops, effectively reducing the flow of heat into the house or building. Lab test results have proven a 5°C reduction in heat through the use of Rajarata Terracotta floor tiles.
Managing Director Chandula Rajapaksa stated, “We are privileged to further extend our export market and consider it a vital milestone for Rajarata floor tiles. We have been in operation for two decades, and year after year, we have experienced growth. I count this as yet another significant step. It proves the unmatched quality of our terracotta floor tiles and has consistently rewarded us for adhering to stringent production standards. The production, research and development, and quality teams of Rajarata tiles are always committed to maintaining our product quality on par with the highest international standards. This is the reason why we have been able to expand our export market in recent years.”
Executive Director Dilshan Rajapaksa said: “Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent economic instability within Sri Lanka, our main strategy was to explore new markets outside of Sri Lanka. Our goal was to attract more foreign funds to the country, thereby contributing to the growth of the local economy. We believe that, as a responsible business conglomerate, it is our utmost duty to do so. Rajarata Tiles has always been at the forefront of the local market for natural roofing and floor tiles. The unique selling points of our products are that they are 100% Sri Lankan, natural, ecological, and healthful.”
He added, “We have observed a growing trend, particularly in the foreign market, towards the use of natural, ecological, and healthful materials in roofing and flooring construction. This insight has helped us make the right move to the right country at the right time. I believe that the same trend will continue to be embraced by our local customers who are choosing natural and healthful products for building their dream homes, considering it as a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Currently, we are experiencing this trend in various commercial properties such as hotels, villas, and holiday resorts, which is a fact that brings us great satisfaction.”

OSL take:
The expansion of local businesses in to foreign countries is indicative of the strength and growth of Sri Lanka’s private sector, especially businesses in the manufacturing and exports sectors. Many in Sri Lanka’s manufacturing and exports sectors have managed to stay alive even during the most challenging times like the global pandemic and the economic crisis. It was a clear indication of the resilience of local businesses. Sri Lanka’s export authorities are currently engaged in promoting local products in international markets while exploring new foreign markets as well. Local manufacturers and exporters are also being encouraged to diversify their product portfolio and explore new markets. Given the expansion in Sri Lanka’s manufacturing and exports sectors, foreign businesses/investors could look at the expanding opportunities in these sectors. They could also look at forming partnerships or joint ventures with local businesses with the aim of expanding into foreign markets.

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