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Riyelta Motorcycle and Three-wheeler Batteries, now from Singer outlets

Riyelta Motorcycle and Three-wheeler Batteries, now from Singer outlets

Ada Derana: Singer Sri Lanka PLC, the leading retailer of consumer durables in the country, has partnered with Leader Group of companies to be the official distributor for Riyelta batteries in Sri Lanka. The recently unveiled product lineup caters to both motorcycles and three-wheelers.

These batteries, produced in Sri Lanka, using advanced German technology, offer Sri Lankan motorcycle and three-wheeler owners the chance to enjoy European high-end market batteries at an affordable price, the batteries will soon be available for cars as well. Riyelta High Tech Batteries, accompanied by the longest warranty period, supported by Singer Sri Lanka, aiming to transform the domestic battery industry.

Riyelta High Tech Batteries distinguish themselves with an exceptional attribute: the incorporation of the cutting-edge SilverCell technology, pioneered by German scientists. This technology employs a specially formulated silver-based alloy, which effectively prevents water loss and cell corrosion, while simultaneously ensuring material integrity through precise temperature regulation within the battery. These batteries have also received the ISO 9001 certificate for their quality standards.

Mahesh Wijewardene, Group Chief Executive Officer of Singer Sri Lanka PLC, said ‘We are delighted to introduce Riyelta products to the Sri Lankan market, catering to the needs of a large customer base. Given the economic challenges faced by the country’s residents, there is a growing demand for cost-effective options. With Riyelta, we can offer a high-quality alternative that is accessible and affordable, ensuring a world-class experience for our customers.’

The endorsement of these batteries extends beyond borders, receiving recognition from renowned international racers worldwide, including Sri Lanka’s own Dilantha Malagamuwa. Dilantha, in collaboration with Leader Group, has joined forces to introduce state-of-the-art German battery manufacturing technology and establish the Riyelta brand on the global and local stage.

CEO of Leader Group, stated ‘We are thrilled about our collaboration with Singer for this partnership. Riyelta batteries have gained global recognition and have been endorsed by renowned figures in the racing industry. Our advantage lies in the local production of these batteries, which enables us to offer them at a reasonable price. We eagerly anticipate introducing these exceptional products to the wider community of Sri Lanka through Singer.’
At this stage, the batteries will be available across 40 Singer outlets in the Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara and Kurunegala districts. Singer will also be conducting battery health check camps in the regions where the batteries are available as well as knowledge-sharing sessions through the highly-trained staff. All Riyelta batteries purchased through Singer come with a one-year manufacturer warranty and can also be purchased through an interest-free, hire purchase scheme.

OSL take:

The overall expansion of Sri Lanka’s economic activities has opened up a host of new business/investment opportunities in the country. Key economic sectors continue to show positive signs of growth despite suffering from the global pandemic and an economic crisis. Sri Lanka’s economy has shown great resilience through the years and is once again on the growth path. The country’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country have also helped boost Sri Lanka’s image as a country with immense growth potential. With the incentives offered by Sri Lanka’s government to foreign businesses/investors, they could explore the growing opportunities in Sri Lanka.

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