Opportunity Sri Lanka | » Port City Colombo draws global investor attention as gold sponsor of i3 summit in Dubai
Port City Colombo draws global investor attention as gold sponsor of i3 summit in Dubai

Port City Colombo draws global investor attention as gold sponsor of i3 summit in Dubai

Ada Derana: Port City Colombo proudly took center stage as the Gold Sponsor of the prestigious i3 Summit by Khaleej Times in Dubai, which was held under the theme, “Redefining Innovation, Inspiring Change, and Shaping the Future of Business”. This key sponsorship strategically captured the attention of the global investor community, whilst highlighting Port City Colombo’s unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation and fostering collaboration in the region. It firmly reinforces Port City Colombo’s dedication to propelling innovation and driving positive change within the thriving business and startup ecosystem.
The i3 Summit, which unfolded on the 6th of September in the trendy Emirate of Dubai, a global financial center and mecca for investors and international businesses alike, brought together visionaries, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs for a day of knowledge-sharing and inspiration.
Renowned luminaries in the startup space such as Christiana Maxion, Ibtissam Ouassif, Jamil Shinawi, and Lloyed Lobo took to the stage, sharing their invaluable insights and wisdom with a captivated audience. Their experiences and expertise provided a wealth of knowledge for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders alike.
Adding an illustrious touch to the event, Dr Shashi Tharoor, a distinguished diplomat, bureaucrat, and politician, delivered a keynote speech that resonated deeply with the attendees. His address not only added depth but also significance to the summit, emphasizing the importance of innovation and collaboration in today’s ever-evolving business landscape
Nirj Deva MEP, Senior Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka was also present at the event, and took the opportunity to shed light on the promising future of Port City Colombo. His insights underscored the strategic importance of this ambitious project, poised to reshape Sri Lanka’s economic landscape, and position it as the ‘Gateway to South Asia’.
The i3 Summit served as a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, idea generation, and invaluable networking opportunities. Port City Colombo’s prominent sponsorship elevated the summit’s significance, further cementing its position as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the region. It also helped to spark the interest of the global investor community and create awareness of the emerging golden opportunities for international investment at Port City Colombo.

OSL take:
The Colombo Port City project is one of the main development programmers of Sri Lanka that is expected to take the country to the next level of development. Given Sri Lanka’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean, the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country and the country’s target of becoming an emerging business destination in the South Asian region have all helped boost Sri Lanka’s growth and business potential. Built on a Chinese investment, the Colombo Port City project is also a clear indication of the importance given by China to Sri Lanka as part of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). With Sri Lanka once again on a growth path after facing the challenges posed by the global pandemic and the economic crisis that followed it, foreign businesses/investors could confidently explore the expanding business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka. It is these reasons that have already pushed foreign investors to explore the Colombo Port City as a potential investment in the South Asian region.

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