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Pilot project underway to introduce AI courses to Sri Lanka’s education system

Pilot project underway to introduce AI courses to Sri Lanka’s education system

Ada Derana: The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval to implement a pilot project to introduce courses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the school curriculum starting from Grade 08, the Department of Government Information (DGI) said.
Earlier, on 02 October 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers decided that it is appropriate to introduce courses related to AI into the education system in accordance with the recommendations made by the task force appointed for the formation of a national strategy and plan related to artificial intelligence.
As part of the relevant strategic plan, a pilot project has been designed to introduce artificial intelligence courses to general education.
Thus, the Cabinet approval has been granted for the joint resolution presented by President Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Minister of Technology, together with the Minister of Education, to implement the said pilot project with the support of Microsoft.
The DGI stated that the pilot project will be implemented after revising the current international syllabus implemented by Microsoft, based on the recommendations of the National Institute of Education of Sri Lanka. The project will be initiated from Grade 08 of the schools where necessary fundamental human resources are available.
Furthermore, it has been decided to digitalise the schools selected to carry out the pilot project, under the facilities provided by Microsoft.
Additionally, 100 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teachers are to be trained by the trainers of Microsoft in order to carry out the project in Sri Lanka.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s ongoing economic activities have called for the transformation of the country’s digital landscape. This has resulted in the expansion of business/investment opportunities in the country’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors. Sri Lankan authorities are focused on being abreast with the global trends in the fast evolving digital landscape. The government of Sri Lanka is looking at AI education at school level to ensure that the country is in-line with the evolving trends. This has opened up a host of new business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s ICT and digital infrastructure development sectors. The country is also looking at transforming Sri Lanka into an e-economy along with its path to becoming an emerging business destination in the South Asian region. The strengthening trade agreements between Sri Lanka and other countries also include the digital industry as well. Given the growing business potential in Sri Lanka, foreign businesses/investors could explore the expanding opportunities in the country and become a development partner of the country.

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