Student Accommodation in Malabe

Student Accommodation in Malabe

As the Western Region Megapolis is slowly taking shape with its 140 projects attracting investors from around the globe, the Unity Government wants to improve the infrastructure facilities for students with the participation of the private sector.

The government’s stance is to improve the knowledge capacity of the younger generation to find them higher paying jobs both within the country and overseas.

So, by empowering them with the market defining knowledge skills, the government stands to gain by increasing the GDP in the long run.

In this positive backdrop, the concept of providing semi-luxury accommodation for students will undoubtedly catch on like wildfire with local and overseas students as well.

Also, the fact that the pilot project is located at Malabe, which is a hotspot for educational institutions too will also bring down the risk of experimentation.

Priced at Rs. 6,000,000.00 million, the 400 sq.ft. Unit will attract the upper-middle class segment by way of bank loans and private reserves set aside for the education of their kids.

In Sri Lanka education plays a pivotal role in making a mark in society and the upper-middle class segment does not entertain second guessing when it comes to this kind of investment.

So what we propose to you is the latest property segment investment to take Sri Lanka in to the future of Asian hub status.

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