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Sector Overview

Sri Lanka has begun to embrace ICT as a means of economic revenue more and more in the recent times. This is especially highlighted by the strong backing provided by the budgets of successive governments which has strived to provide some much-needed steam to the sector. As a result, many ICT companies have grown and expanded to global markets as service providers. Long term initiatives which had been established few years ago, are today becoming profitable industries with companies having international clients such as world’s major stock markets.

In terms of BPO outsourcing, there has been expansion from normal call center outsourcing towards more professional based BPO venture such as legal processes and accounting and credit compliance operations within the country which signals there is a movement to expand the industry and thus potential for investors to find lucrative opportunities.

Export Development Board of Sri Lanka has launched a number of initiatives to expand the markets that the Sri Lankan ICT and BPO industry caters to especially countries such as Japan. Also, Sri Lankan ICT & BPO sector has slowly risen to become one of the top exports of the country.

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