Resort and recreation development in Dedduwa

Resort and recreation development in Dedduwa

Location: Dedduwa, Bentota -76 Km south of Colombo

Project description: activity based eco-tourism resort

Project value: USD 500 million

Land allocated for project: 1318.4 acres of marshy land and 415.7 acres of water body

How the land is proposed for investment: long term lease basis

Proposed investment methodology: foreign direct investment

Project commencement date: it could be started immediately after identifying the required land and by submitting a proposal to the board of investment of Sri Lanka.

OSL Take:

The tourism sector in Sri Lanka is growing at a rapid rate with overseas hotel chains launching their prestigious brands in the island.

As a beautiful beach setting popular with regular sun worshipers, Bentota is a buzzing tourism zone and investors would be assured of continuous business 365 days of the year.

Hence, potential investors should contact the biz-friendly OSL Team now for more details and the way forward on this unique hospitality sector investment.

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LOCATION : Dedduwa, Bentota -76 Km south of Colombo
SECTOR : Tourism & Hotels
PROJECT VALUE : USD 500 million

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