Renewable Energy Investment Opportunity

Renewable Energy Investment Opportunity

The Investment Opportunity:
• A listed company in the power and energy sector in Sri Lanka with a generation capacity of 11.9 MW
• The total power offer of 11.9 MW:
1. 2 operational hydro power plants (5.4 MW)- The 2 operational hydro power plants yield superior plant factors due to their superior geographic location with uninterrupted water supply throughout the year.
2. One hydro power plant nearing commissioning (3.5 MW)
3. And one hydro power plant with SPPA to be constructed (3.0 MW)

How to buy the power package (The Company):

The single largest shareholder together with several significant minority shareholders have indicated interest to divest their shareholding in the company, and potential local or overseas investors could buy their “collective stake” to acquire the power company.

Revenue Generation Potential:
• At an acquisition price range of LKR 3.30 – 3.50 per share, potential investors are expected to achieve an IRR of 13.7 – 14.8% subject to verifying all assumptions and key risks relating to current projects and future expansions.
• The returns could be further enhanced by effectively utilizing ”The Power Company” as a platform to undertake and execute “green energy projects” both in Sri Lanka and in the Asian region.

OSL Take:

For the comprehensive investment proposal, genuine parties could get in touch with the biz-friendly OSL Team now.

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