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Invest in Latvia to create your own business space.

Invest in Latvia to create your own business space.

This project is to bridge the non EU citizen with the EU to expand business, travel, and to endulge in a luxury lifestyle with an eco friendly healthy environment.

To Whom ?

Promoting relaxed,luxurious lifestyle in a healthy, pristine eco-setting for the high-networth individiuals spread around the globe.

The facilities and space open for creating your own perfect business space.

  • 68 hectres of land, first phase – 12 units;
  • Each unit with 1 hectre of land including a lake view and a private swimming pool, with access to a helipad
  • Service of chauffers, maids and gardeners
  • Air-port transfers by helicopter or personal chauffer driven luxury car
  • Unchallenged pure nature
  • Central administration block with a sports complex and security.

Why Latvia for living and business

  • Free movement in the Schengen zone.
  • Is in the top 10 of the fastest internet connections in the world.
  • Any EU destination within 3 hours.
  • An EU country bordering Russia.
  • One of the most greenest countries in the world.
  • Blessed with all 4 seasons

Why Latvia for Investors?

  • Latvia’s credit rating according to S&P(A-), Moody’s ( A3), Fitch (A-), TE (69), showing that in all credit rating systems Latvia is stable.
  • There is no tax for investors.
  • Residence permit after the project is completed.
  • Investment needed for this project is 2 million euros (will be in 3 phases).


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