Homeopathic training college and hospital - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Homeopathic training college and hospital

Homeopathic training college and hospital

Investment opportunity: potential private investors are encouraged to undertake construction and management of the Homeopathic Hospital and Training College with government supervision

Location of the proposed project: 5 acre state land at Kalawana

Value of investment: USD 5 million

Method of investment: foreign direct investment

Commencement date: investor could start on project ASAP by submitting proposal and obtaining BOI approval.

Granting approval: The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka would facilitate the obtaining of clearances/approvals from the Ministry of Health for the proposed hospital projects.

Tax concessions applicable: all board of investment concessions/duty free facilities for the importation of equipment, building materials etc.

The potential of the indigenous medical sector:
• A large portion of the Sri Lankan population is heavily dependent on indigenous medicine to meet their daily healthcare needs.
• In comparison, the Ayurveda medicine of Sri Lanka is cheaper than the western medicine offered at private clinics and therefore towards the villages still the most popular option is the prescriptions by the Village Veda Mahattaya (traditional medicine man).
• Homeopathy is the global matchmaker to the Ayurveda medicine of Sri Lanka and therefore the demand for such is growing by the day within the country.
• Since there is no proper Homeopathic Training College in Sri Lanka, students who wish to study this system of medicine end up travelling to India to learn this practice.
• This incurs a great cost to the nation annually and the setting up of this Homeopathic Training College and Hospital will be a national asset in the long run.

OSL Take:

The unity government is encouraging FDI’s to develop the healthcare sector islandwide in order to have a healthy population at its optimum operational capacity.

The sustainability goals proposed by the UN are also taken in to consideration when developing this healthcare facility, and overseas investors will receive the fullest cooperation and support from the government ministries entrusted to develop this national project as a team.

OSL as the leading funding matchmaker to government proposed healthcare sector projects, is now at your service 24X7 to help move the project forward.

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LOCATION : Kalawana
SECTOR : Health & Medical

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