Building Health Resort for Relaxation and treatment - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Building Health Resort for Relaxation and treatment

Building Health Resort for Relaxation and treatment

Establishment of a Health Resort for Relaxation and Treatment. Introducer: Dr. Ahmad Alharb.
Dr. Ahamed is looking for an investor to establish a Health Resort with a dairy farm, agriculture park and entertainment area in Sri Lanka. Dr. Ahmad believes it to be effective as a therapist since one has to blend art and science. As a researcher Dr. Ahamed has explored hundreds of treatment modalities in his constant quest to help his patients.

Dr. Ahamed serves as Director, President and Chairman of Andalucia Medical Wellness Clinic. A distinguished physical therapist and naturopathic doctor, he is renowned for combining conversational and alternative medical treatments with emotional and spiritual support to provide patients with the most positive treatment experience possible.


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LOCATION : Sri Lanka
SECTOR : Tourism and Health
PROJECT VALUE : 5.5000.000 USD (Full expenses with operating for one year)
INVESTMENT TYPE : Ownership Investment

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