LankaPropertyWeb to promote Sri Lankan properties to Chinese, North American investors - Opportunity Sri Lanka
LankaPropertyWeb to promote Sri Lankan properties to Chinese, North American investors

LankaPropertyWeb to promote Sri Lankan properties to Chinese, North American investors

Daily FT: LankaPropertyWeb (LPW), Sri Lanka’s leading property platform, is excited to announce its new partnership with eMediaLinks, the exclusive partner with Weibo North America and
This collaboration enables the promotion of Sri Lankan property investment opportunities to Weibo’s extensive audience in China, as well as the real estate platform’s audiences in the USA and Canada. Weibo (, China’s second-largest social media platform with an impressive 600 million monthly active users, will be a key focus for showcasing Sri Lankan properties to Chinese overseas buyers through this strategic partnership.
This collaboration opens a tremendous opportunity to showcase Sri Lankan properties to an expansive and promising audience. It signifies a transformative moment for Sri Lanka’s real estate industry, positioning it prominently in the burgeoning Chinese and American markets where demand for overseas properties is escalating. For Sri Lankan property developers, agents, and sellers, this alliance presents an exceptional chance to highlight their properties on the Weibo platforms, attracting potential buyers from China and North America. Furthermore, this partnership propels LPW onto the global stage, providing its customers with access to explore properties in the United States. Simultaneously, it empowers investors and agents from the US to market their properties to potential buyers in Sri Lanka.
This advantage materialized as LPW entered into an agreement with eMediaLinks, a global real estate marketing company based in Bellevue, Washington. eMediaLinks holds an exclusive partnership with the North America division of Weibo. This ground-breaking collaboration empowers LPW to present properties and investment opportunities in Sri Lanka to a vast audience of prospective buyers through and
Daham Gunaratna, Founder and Managing Director of LankaPropertyWeb, expressed, “LPW is excited to announce its partnership with eMediaLinks, which opens opportunities to promote Sri Lankan properties to Chinese overseas property buyers. Additionally, visitors to Weibo’s global real estate site,, will be able to view Sri Lankan properties. With the country recovering from the economic crisis faster than expected and a growing interest from international buyers in Sri Lankan real estate, this presents an excellent opportunity for the country to showcase its properties and investment opportunities to a global audience.”
Matt Bonds, Founder and CEO of eMediaLinks, shared, “As South Asia continues to be a hotspot for business and investment, we are proud to partner with LankaPropertyWeb, the leading property platform in Sri Lanka, to accelerate property demand in North America and China. Our customers interested in properties in Sri Lanka can now be serviced by an experienced and dedicated company from the start to the end of their property purchase and investments.”
This partnership is more than just a business venture; it is a bridge between cultures, creating opportunities that were once distant and unattainable. The LPW-eMediaLinks partnership stands as a testament to the dynamic potential of Sri Lankan real estate, heralding a new era of global connectivity and opportunities for both buyers and sellers. As LPW forges ahead, the future of the Sri Lankan real estate market looks brighter than ever, offering a captivating opportunity for those looking to invest, sell, or buy property in this Island paradise.

OSL take:
With Sri Lanka working towards becoming an emerging business destination in the South Asian region there is bound to be an increase in business/investment opportunities in the country. Sri Lanka’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country have also helped boost the country’s image as an emerging business hub. All these have resulted in an increase in the demand for house, property and lands in Sri Lanka. The increasing demand for lands in Sri Lanka is evident by the foreign businesses/investors expressing interest in entering the country. The growing business conducive environment in the country and the strong trade ties enjoyed by the country also presents an attractive venue for foreign businesses to set up base in Sri Lanka to engage with other countries in the region. The expansion in business activities in the country and the growing demand in the house and property sectors could push up the country’s land value. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore look at investing in lands in Sri Lanka in order to develop them for housing to meet the growing demand.

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