Opportunity Sri Lanka | » Japan aids LKR 1.6 bn technological grant to uplift security in Sri Lanka
Japan aids LKR 1.6 bn technological grant to uplift security in Sri Lanka

Japan aids LKR 1.6 bn technological grant to uplift security in Sri Lanka

In the aftermath of Easter Sunday attack in Sri Lanka, Japan has granted a 1 billion yen grant (1.6 billion rupees) to purchase facilities to increase airport safety and police job. Ambassador Akira Sugiyama from Japan and Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga from the Ministry yesterday signed agreements in this respect.
The assistance involved falls under the Non-Project Aid Scheme of the Japanese Government. It aims to provide Sri Lanka with fast aid to strengthen its counter-terrorism and public security operations, the sources said. The facility will be used to enhance the ability of the Sri Lankan Police and the country’s airport and air services
Following the country’s Easter Sunday bombings, aviation officials, Sri Lankan police and public-security officials recognized what sort of monitoring equipment they require to track possible threats for more extensive aviation safety at airports and other essential sites. The exchange notes have been signed, the Japanese government will provide a list of electronic equipment, including body scanners, explosive trace detectors, and many other monitoring facilities as the primary contractor at any moment now.
The Japanese government will supply the equipment through the Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation to the Sri Lankan Police and Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited, he said. In a declaration from the Japanese Embassy in Colombo expressing sincere condolences to all those impacted by the Easter Sunday terror attack, Japan highly condemns such terrorist acts and stands in solidarity with the individuals of Sri Lanka. In collaboration with Sri Lanka and the international community, Japan is strongly committed to fighting terrorism.

OSL Take:

After the setback experienced by the tourism industry after the Easter Sunday assaults, Sri Lankan tourism officials have started promotional campaigns to attract tourists to the nation. The government of Sri Lanka has already introduced a relief package to the tourism sector. Given all these developments, there are signs of revival in the country’s tourism industry.
Given all these grants, there are indications of resurgence in the country’s tourism industry. Many foreign investors have already demonstrated trust and development potential in the country’s tourism industry. Foreign businesses/investors could, therefore, investigate possibilities for business/investment in the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

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