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Interocean Lubricants launches Jaffna expansion with Sinopec

Interocean Lubricants launches Jaffna expansion with Sinopec

The Morning: Interocean Lubricants Ltd. – Sri Lanka’s exclusive distributor and national nominee in Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and India for Sinopec – recently announced the official launch of its distribution network expansion in Jaffna.
The event took place at the prestigious North Gate Hotel, marking a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to providing high-quality lubricant solutions to the northern regions of Sri Lanka.
The launch ceremony was attended by esteemed dignitaries, including Sinopec Fuel Oil Lanka Ltd. Deputy General Manager Arthur Cheng Anxiang, Sinopec Energy Lanka Ltd. Business Supervisor Scott Shi, Interocean Lubricants Ltd. Director/Chief Executive Officer Jayashantha Thotahewage, Member of Parliament Charles Nirmalanathan, Jaffna Municipal Commissioner Thanabalasingam Jayaseelan, Jaffna Police Headquarters Inspector Chamly Palihena, and Jaffna Traffic OIC Suranga Premaratne.
The event also saw the participation of key regional stakeholders, including Sinopec Lubricant distributors, Sinopec fuel station owners, customers, and service technicians, reflecting the collaborative efforts to strengthen the lubricant distribution network in the region.
Elaborating further on the expansion, Sinopec Lubricants Sri Lanka Director/CEO Jayashantha Thotahewage stated: “We have already established a robust distribution network with 20 distributors across all provinces and the expansion into Jaffna signifies the company’s commitment to reaching every corner of the country. The diverse product portfolio delivers unmatchable lubrication solutions that optimise the performance of any vehicle, delivering enhanced power and durability on the road throughout.
“Our product range includes Justar (J Series) Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO), Tulux (T Series) Diesel Engine Oil (DEO), X Series Motorcycle Engine Oil (MCO), gear and industrial oils, hydraulic oil, greases, tractor oil, marine oil, and transformer oil – all meeting the highest international standards and quality.
“The distribution network’s expansion to Jaffna attributes its success to the unwavering commitment and hard work demonstrated by the company’s dedicated team. This move reflects not only a strategic business decision but is also a demonstration of the company’s confidence in the outstanding quality and standards maintained by the Sinopec products featured in its portfolio,” Thotahewage added.
The expansion into Jaffna is aligned with Interocean Lubricants’ mission to provide quality lubricant solutions to all corners of Sri Lanka and beyond, ensuring that consumers in the northern regions have easy access to world-class products. This strategic move reinforces the company’s commitment to excellence and strengthens its position as a leading distributor of Sinopec lubricants in the region.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s energy industry, which has opened up its local retail market, has presented many new business/investment opportunities in the country. The entrance of three new foreign players to the local market and their island-wide operations have presented new business/investment opportunities for local as well as foreign businesses. The country’s energy industry is to see a further expansion in the coming months with Sri Lanka’s overall economic activities on the growth path. With Sri Lanka also looking at venturing into oil exploration, the business/investment opportunities in the energy industry will see more business/investment opportunities. Foreign businesses/investors could therefore explore the growing business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s energy industry.

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