Opportunity Sri Lanka | » India’s CavinKare commences production operations in Sri Lanka for popular hair color brand
India’s CavinKare commences production operations in Sri Lanka for popular hair color brand

India’s CavinKare commences production operations in Sri Lanka for popular hair color brand

CavinKare, which is one of India’s leading FCMG conglomerates, has recently commenced production operations in Sri Lanka for its popular hair color brand, Indica Easy with the opening of a state-of-the-art factory in the BOI (Board of Investment) Zone, Horana.
The local media has reported that the launch of the production facility in Horana marked Indica Easy’s re-entry into the Sri Lankan market with its wide range of hair colors.
The brand had first entered the Sri Lankan market as an imported product and had grown in popularity as well as market share within a short span of time.
However, CavinKare is now looking for an exponential growth for the brand in the coming years with the commencement of local manufacturing operations.
Srivatsan Krishnamurthi, Business Head – International Business, CavinKare has been quoted as saying, “It’s a great pleasure to start manufacturing operations for Indica in Sri Lanka as it allows us to offer world-class products to the consumers while also contributing to economic growth of the country. CavinKare is a well-established brand in the Sri Lankan markets with quality, popular products such as Chik Shampoo, Nyle and Fairever. Indica Easy also brings the same quality and goodness along with the assurance of safety and convenience. With the local manufacturing facility set up, this marks the beginning of a new journey for Indica in Sri Lanka as we strive to bring the best of products to our consumers.”
According to media reports, Indica Easy – combines the goodness of five herbal ingredients amla, henna, bhringraj, methi and hibiscus and offers unparalleled convenience, effectiveness and safety. The product is available in black and dark brown colours and is distributed island wide through the wide sales network.
Krishnamurthi has further stated, “The new manufacturing unit will cater to the demand of local consumers, leading to a significant increase in our market share. The facility is also a move towards enabling CavinKare to expand its investment in Sri Lanka, creating more jobs and other opportunities. Most of all, it will allow thousands of Sri Lankan consumers to benefit from a trustworthy, quality, international product for their personal care.”

OSL take:

The product manufacturing launched by India’s CavinKare in Sri Lanka is yet another instance where Indian businesses have ventured into the Sri Lankan market. Sri Lanka and India enjoy strong bilateral and trade ties that have been further strengthened by the free trade agreement between the two countries. Indian businesses/investors could confidently explore business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka and local businesses could also reach out to Indian businesses to form joint venture/partnerships.

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