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High level Malaysian delegation visits Oceanpick Sustainable Seafood Farm

High level Malaysian delegation visits Oceanpick Sustainable Seafood Farm

Daily FT: Oceanpick sustainable seafood farms were recently visited by Malaysia’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Security YB Datuk Seri Mohamad bin Sabu, High Commissioner for Malaysia Badli Hisham Adam and other officials along with representatives of Amana Bank Managing Director/CEO Mohamed Azmeer, Senior Director, Board Credit Committee Chairman Dilshan Hettiaratchi and other members of Amana bank. Oceanpick is a pioneer in sustainable Aquaculture in Sri Lanka which is also the largest commercial fin-fish producer in south Asia.
Oceanpick’s journey into aquaculture is purposeful, and with a clear vision to produce healthy, delicious seafood and protect the marine resources of the country. The company has firmly established itself as a new vertical in Sri Lanka supporting the rural economy and export landscape of the country.
The Delegation toured Oceanpick’s hatchery, nursery and grow-out sea cages to gain insights into the company’s sustainable aquaculture practices and commended its commitment towards environmental sustainability and high-quality production through innovative technologies.
“We are honored to welcome this high-level delegation to our farm,” said Oceanpick Founder Irfan Thassim. “Oceanpick is dedicated to producing nutritious seafood in an ethical, safe and transparent manner. We appreciate the Minister’s support for sustainable aquaculture and Oceanpick’s environmental initiatives.”
Oceanpick is committed to the highest standards of sustainability and food safety and is certified with Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP).
The farm visit was promoted by Amana bank, which is the first and only Licensed Commercial Bank in Sri Lanka to conduct all its operations under the principles of Islamic banking, offering a full spectrum of banking and financial services. Their mission is enabling Growth and Enriching Lives synchronizes well with Oceanpick’s business ethos.
Oceanpick brand Round Island barramundi products are found on the menus of leading Hotels and Restaurants, Online stores through their website and Retail outlets throughout the country. Oceanpick Team puts rigorous efforts to ensure product’s consistent quality, freshness and sustainability throughout the year and is available without supply disruptions.
“We are not only committed to producing a world-class culinary delight right here, in this tiny blue island but to support healthy oceans and continue our mission for generations to come,” Thassim added.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s fisheries industry is yet to reach its full potential with many business/investment opportunities yet untapped. The country’s geographical positioning in the Indian Ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed with other countries, Sri Lanka’s fisheries industry enjoys a thriving fish export business as well. The growing local demand and the expanding export market for fish have all increased the business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s fisheries industry. Sri Lanka’s fish exports are also looking at value additions to further expand its foreign markets. The growth potential of the country’s fisheries industry as an island and the growing business potential presents many lucrative business/investment opportunities for foreign businesses/investors. Foreign businesses could also look at forming collaborations with local businesses engaged in the industry in order to further expand operations.

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