Hemas begins distribution activities in Myanmar - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Hemas begins distribution activities in Myanmar

Hemas begins distribution activities in Myanmar

One of Sri Lanka’s largest importers and distributors of pharmaceuticals holding a 17.55% of the country’s market share, Hemas Pharmaceuticals has commenced operations in Myanmar as Hemas Mandalar Pharmaceuticals Ltd in partnership with Family Mandalar Company.
“Through Hemas Mandalar Pharmaceuticals, we will focus on adding value to the nation’s healthcare industry by exploring means of introducing new healthcare solutions to the people of Myanmar. In the process, it will create over 100 new job opportunities thus far in Myanmar and we intend to create many more job opportunities in the future as well,” CEO of Hemas Mandalar, Ashwani Bagga has said.
Hemas Mandalar will be the main importer and distributor of multinational and other pharmaceutical companiesensuring that Myanmar has access to quality drugs.
“Myanmar has been a core part of Hemas Pharmaceutical’s vision to expand regionally, a venture that we have been actively and energetically pursuing over the last three years,” Hemas Group CEO, Steven Enderby has said.
“It was therefore important to us to partner with a well-established and reputed organisation such as the Family Mandalar Company with values that are aligned with ours to take on the challenging task of expanding our distribution operations beyond our own borders,” he has added.
Through the use of its established distribution channel, highly trained and experienced sales force plus real-time sales data Hemas Mandalar will guarantee the effortless function of its business.


This venture has opened the window of opportunity for other foreign pharmaceutical companies to form similar partnerships with Sri Lankan firms and vice versa. It would also compel other pharmaceutical companies in the country to look at expanding operations as well.

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