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GRI launches its next generation sustainable tires at the Green Impact 2024

GRI launches its next generation sustainable tires at the Green Impact 2024

Daily FT: GRI, a leading producer of specialty tires for agriculture, material handling and construction machines, unveiled its next generation of environmentally friendly specialty tires with very high sustainable material content.
GRI’s sustainable agriculture tire range, the Green XLR Earth series, now comes with 87.3% sustainable material whilst the Ultimate Green XT the sustainable material handling tire boasts an impressive 93.5% sustainable material.
These next generation tires embody GRI’s vision of moving humanity towards making a positive impact on our planet and dedication to reducing its environmental footprint while delivering high-performance specialty tire solutions. Leveraging innovative technology and advanced natural rubber compounds, GRI continues to lead the way in sustainability across its entire value chain.
This significant product launch took place at the Green Impact 2024 in Sri Lanka, an event which brought together industry professionals and key media personnel from across the globe. Spanning across three days, the Green Impact marked a significant milestone in GRI’s sustainability journey, reaffirming its commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation in specialty tire technology.
Bureau Veritas; a global business-to-business service provider in the field of testing, inspection, and certification; validated GRI’s commitment to environmental responsibility by attesting to the carbon footprint reduction of the environmentally friendly, “green” specialty tires. “This certification underscores GRI’s unwavering dedication to sustainability in tires and quality of product,” stated GRI CEO Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma who presented the products to the attendees.
GRI Managing Director Prabhash Subasinghe remarked, “The next generation of GRI’s green tires are more than just products; they are symbols of our unwavering dedication to sustainability. With the highest percentage of sustainable materials, these agriculture and material handling tires represent a beacon of hope for a greener tomorrow. From its conception to its production, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to minimise environmental impact without compromising on performance.”

OSL take:
The fact that Sri Lanka’s manufacturing industry is on a steady growth path is evident by the expansions in local businesses engaged in the manufacturing sector. It is also indicative of the overall growth in economic activities as well as the conducive environment for businesses in Sri Lanka. With Sri Lanka showing great resilience to external and internal shocks while fast becoming a business hub in the South Asian region, the development and expansion in the country’s manufacturing industry would see a further growth. The many incentives offered to businesses/investors interested in engaging in the country’s manufacturing industry and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by Sri Lanka with other countries also serve to boost business/investment opportunities. Given the steadily growing business potential in Sri Lanka’s manufacturing industry, foreign businesses/investors while exploring direct opportunities in the industry, could also look at forming partnerships or joint ventures with local businesses engaged in the industry with the aim of further expansion.

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