Opportunity Sri Lanka | » FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 to showcase historic Masterpiece Pavilion
FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 to showcase historic Masterpiece Pavilion

FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 to showcase historic Masterpiece Pavilion

Daily FT: FACETS Sri Lanka 2024, Asia’s Premier Gem and jewelry Exhibition, a collaboration between the Sri Lanka Gem and jewelry Association (SLGJA), the National jewelry Authority (NGJA), and the Export Development Board (EDB), takes center stage from 6 to 8 January 2024.
Located at the prestigious Atrium Lobby of the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo, this event promises to be a celebration of Sri Lanka’s abundant gemstone and jewelry heritage, featuring several special pavilions.
Among these pavilions, the Masterpiece Pavilion will emerge as a grand attraction. This pavilion is meticulously designed to showcase the exquisite beauty of Sri Lankan sapphires and rubies, giving patrons a rare opportunity to witness some of the world’s most valuable uncut as well as cut stones under one roof.
Masterpiece Pavilion Chairman and SLGJA Board Director Shazeen Farook expressed his enthusiasm: “The Sapphire Masterpiece Pavilion is set to redefine the gem and jewelry experience. It’s an honor to present the world with the treasure that is Sri Lankan sapphires, in their most raw and exquisite forms.”
The Sapphire Masterpiece Pavilion will feature a diverse range of sapphires, including the mesmerizing blue, alexandrite, green, and more. What makes this showcase truly unique is the inclusion of both rough and cut and polished stones, all sourced from various regions across Sri Lanka. This ground-breaking event marks the first time in history that a gem and jewelry show will exhibit stones in their raw, uncut state alongside their meticulously refined, cut, and polished forms.
SLGJA Board Director Priyantha Silva remarked, “FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 will make history by unveiling this remarkable pavilion, it is a testament to the brilliance and vastness of our gemstone industry. We look forward to seeing the world witness the unique beauty of Sri Lankan sapphires.”
Visitors to the Masterpiece Pavilion will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, offering a glimpse of these remarkable stones in all their natural splendor and their finished, radiant glory. The sapphires will be displayed within specially designed showcases, enhancing their visual appeal.
SLGJA Board Director Punsiri Tennakoon shared his thoughts: “The Sapphire Masterpiece Pavilion is a testament to Sri Lanka’s gemstone legacy, and it will captivate all who attend. We’re excited to present these sapphires in their full spectrum, from their raw origins to their polished perfection.”
The Sapphire Masterpiece Pavilion at FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 promises to be a visual and cultural feast for all gemstone enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs alike. It is important to note that the Masterpiece Pavilion will only have limited time slots for visitors. A limited number of tickets for the Masterpiece Pavilion will be available at FACETS Sri Lanka 2024 from 5 January, and at the Cinnamon Grand, Atrium Lobby.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s gem and jewelry industry has been earmarked by the government of Sri Lanka along with the local gem and jewelry authorities as a fast-growing industry that could generate income to the country. The many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed by the country have also helped boost the country’s gem and jewelry industry. Sri Lanka is focused on regaining the top slot in the international market that was once enjoyed by Gems of Ceylon. Local authorities have also prepared programmers as well as incentive schemes for businesses in the industry as well as those interested in entering it. Gem and jewelry authorities are also engaged in many overseas promotional campaigns together with the Export Development Board (EDB) and Sri Lanka’s missions overseas to promote local gems and jewelry. The increasing business/investment opportunities in Sri Lanka’s gem and jewelry industry presents many lucrative opportunities for foreign businesses/investors exploring opportunities in the country.

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