Opportunity Sri Lanka | » Epic Lanka Technologies and Sri Lanka Telecom sign MoU for a cooperation agreement in developing cutting-edge ICT products
Epic Lanka Technologies and Sri Lanka Telecom sign MoU for a cooperation agreement in developing cutting-edge ICT products

Epic Lanka Technologies and Sri Lanka Telecom sign MoU for a cooperation agreement in developing cutting-edge ICT products

Epic Lanka Technologies, one of the region’s leading providers of digital transformation technologies, and Sri Lanka Telecom, the national digital services provider, have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate on extensive joint business cooperation and support Epic’s state-of-the-art digital transformation initiatives focused on software as a service (SaaS) offerings.
The products and services offered include Business Process and Workflow Automation, AI (artificial intelligence) Applications, Agro-commodity Trading, and Supply Chain Management, SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Applications, Retail Trading and Travel and Tourism Management. According to the MoU, Epic and Sri Lanka Telecom will form a strategic partnership and combine their expertise in the fields of digital transformation, AI, and cloud infrastructure to support both public and private sector companies.
These companies will aim to revolutionise the digital space by offering new customer experiences that will benefit businesses and individuals at an affordable cost to boost performance and efficiency. The solutions and experiences provided on these digital platforms will be beneficial for any company or individual business regardless of their size or area of operation. These cutting-edge digital platforms will also offer superior customer service ‘digital chatbot’ services, payment gateway services and a robust API layer for seamless and continuous integration with various service providers.
Epic ‘DoxPro Spaces’ is an intelligent digital platform, focused on subscriptions. When registered, companies could create endless creative workflows and operationalise them within a couple of hours to simplify their processes. DoxPro’s user-friendly nature allows anyone to build and execute complex workflows in the organisation, without the need for professional assistance. Individuals and micro-enterprises also have at hand opportunities to generate revenue by developing creative workflows on the platform and selling them to other businesses for a fee or on a business model based on profit-sharing.

OSL Take:

This strategic partnership with Sri Lanka Telecom will allow Epic to play a crucial role in shaping the future of Sri Lanka’s SME sector by using domain expertise and world-class technology to accelerate the digital transformation process. This collaboration will create multifaceted synergies that will strengthen the potential of cloud software and AI to deliver disruptive services globally to customers.
The Telecommunications Ministry is finalising a digital identification card international tender. Over $55 million total costs will cover nearly the entire population. Another business/investment opportunity for foreign businesses/investors looking to enter the Sri Lankan economy is the Lotus Tower project of Sri Lanka.
The emphasis on developing Sri Lanka’s digital infrastructure and enhancing its ICT sector will not only enable the country to become a digitised economy but will also provide enterprising individuals with ample opportunities to invest, innovate and introduce new techniques into this sector. Furthermore, Sri Lanka Telecom’s launch of the ‘National Digital Roadmap’ would pave the way for the digital journey of Sri Lanka would also open up a host of business/investment opportunities in the digital infrastructure sector of the country.

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