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Empowering the Sri Lankan power consumer rights

Empowering the Sri Lankan power consumer rights

  • New regulatory framework introduced by the Public Utility Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL).
  • 3 year implementation phase.
  • The new rules will monitor the distribution licensees.

What are the new rules gazetted in July 2016:

  • Electricity distribution.
  • Transmission standards.
  • Electricity safety.
  • Quality and continuity regulations and utility-driven Demand Side Management (DMS).

The new regulatory framework introduced by the Public Utility Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) will empower the power consumer of Sri Lanka as never before.

Accordingly, the electricity supply sector will have to abide by certain mandatory requirements imposed by the PUCSL.

They are:

  • Maintain minimum standards for greater reliability.
  • To improve and maintain safety and quality of service.
  • To provide room for consumers to claim compensation for damages caused by abnormal voltages in electricity supply and supply failures.
  • Delays incurred in supplying services are to be compensated.

The above PUCSL guidelines are to be implemented within a 3 year period.

A sector-wide study by the PUCSL next year will determine the levels and standards, and thereafter push distribution licensees to comply accordingly.

These guidelines were 1st proposed in 2012 by the PUCSL according to Director General Damitha Kumarasinghe.


The PUCSL has also given instructions to licensees to install an auto monitoring system accessible to PUCSL, to monitor the supply and performance of the electricity generated and distributed by them.

OSL Take:

Living in darkness and cursing the people in power was a way of life in Sri Lanka.

Adding to the glorious pain of the consumer was the attitude of the power company officials who come on line and say-“we are checking about the problem and you will get the power once everything is sorted”.

But, if you delay a monthly payment due to some cash flow shortage, the very same power-people will come and happily disconnect your power connection with much gusto and borrowed authority.

Now, that scenario will be somewhat reversed and the power-consumer will be empowered for his money’s worth.

OSL as the leading funding promoter to Sri Lanka sees this development as a positive feedback in the realm of consumer rights and invites overseas entities to take up the power sector investments proposed by the unity government on the PPP investment model.

Just get in touch with the biz-friendly OSL Team now to learn more.

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