Opportunity Sri Lanka | » Consulate General in Dubai woos UAE to explore the splendours of Sri Lanka
Consulate General in Dubai woos UAE to explore the splendours of Sri Lanka

Consulate General in Dubai woos UAE to explore the splendours of Sri Lanka

Daily FT: The Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Dubai orchestrated a grand event at the Hilton Hotel, Habtoor
City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 8 March unveiling the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka’s multifaceted offerings under the theme “Sri Lanka Beyond Your Dreams.”
The event was a resounding success, focusing on promoting Sri Lanka’s potential in tourism, investment, trade and foreign employment.
The year 2024 commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the elevation of the Consulate’s status to “Consulate General,” adding an extra layer of significance to the occasion.
The Consul General Alexi Gunasekera extended a warm welcome to the guests in his opening address, setting the stage for an evening that would spotlight Sri Lanka’s diverse allure.
Delving into Sri Lanka’s rich history, the Consul General illuminated the audience on its pre-colonial development and resilience, highlighting the nation’s remarkable economic comeback story under the leadership of President Ranil Wickremesinghe. The Consul General also commended the invaluable contributions of Sri Lankan workers, businesses and professionals in attendance, underscoring their pivotal role in driving the nation’s progress. Emphasising the strategic significance of the UAE as a gateway to the Gulf region, Africa, and Europe, the Consul General urged attendees to explore the myriad opportunities for collaboration and growth.
State Minister of Foreign Affairs Tharaka Balasuriya, who specially flew to Dubai for the occasion, delivered a compelling speech that underlined the country’s promising prospects.
In his address, he lauded the remarkable progress witnessed in Dubai, emphasising the visionary leadership of the ruler of Dubai and the rapid development experienced by the nation.
Drawing parallels, he underscored the importance of visionary leadership in Sri Lanka to chart a prosperous course for the future, urging a collective effort to prioritise policies beneficial for the nation’s growth irrespective of political differences.
The Minister’s speech underscored the imperative for Sri Lanka to capitalise on its potential through proactive policy measures and strategic collaborations. He called for concerted efforts to harness the nation’s strengths and leverage opportunities in a rapidly evolving global landscape.
The special guest, former Ambassador of the UAE to India, a seasoned diplomat and business strategist Dr. Ahmed Abdulrahman Albanna, delivered a captivating keynote speech, sharing profound insights and experiences.
Highlighting the significance of international trade agreements, particularly the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), Dr. Albanna underscored its pivotal role in fostering economic growth and cooperation among nations. He emphasised the importance of Sri Lanka’s engagement in signing the CEPA, citing the successes experienced by countries that have already entered into this agreement. His insights shed light on the immense potential for bilateral relations to flourish through strategic partnerships and mutually beneficial agreements, ultimately contributing to the prosperity of both Sri Lanka and its global counterparts.

OSL take:
Sri Lanka’s target of becoming a regional hub has resulted in local authorities taking steps to promote the country as a business/investment destination. Sri Lanka’s missions overseas together with the country’s exports and investment bodies have placed much emphasis to promote the many business/investment opportunities in the country in-line with the overall economic expansion. The country’s strategic positioning in the Indian Ocean and the many trade agreements as well as trade concessions enjoyed with other countries have all added to Sri Lanka’s growing attraction as a regional hub. The growth and business potential in Sri Lanka is not lost on the foreign businesses/investors who have expressed interest in the expanding opportunities in the country, especially in the power, energy and tourism industries. The interest expressed by many large foreign businesses in Sri Lanka is a clear indication of the many untapped business/investment opportunities in the country.

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