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Colombo Dockyard to construct cable ship

Colombo Dockyard to construct cable ship

Having secured its first Japanese customer to begin construction of its first cable-laying ship, making this its largest contract up to now, Colombo Dockyard PLC has commencedbuilding the vessel for Japan’s Kokusai Cable Ship Co. Ltd.
The ship has been designed by Vard Designs, Norway and is expected to be used for sub-sea operations and cable laying and repair work and will be constructed in accordance with Class NK and comply with the regulatory requirements of the government of Japan.
The keel laying ceremony for the ship with a diesel electric propulsion system took place at Colombo port Thursday (07).¹
The vessel, which measures 111.3m-long and 21.5m-wide, is also the biggest vessel to be built by Colombo Dockyard, which is majority-owned by Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd of Japan. ²
The cable ship will be outfitted with a 2,000 tonne carousel system with a spooling arm by MAATS of the UK and can carry a crew of 80 people.³


Having accepted such a large contract, Colombo Dockyard has proven that it has the capacity to build or repair large ships. In Sri Lanka’s goal of becoming recognised as a global logistics hub this will prove vital as it will indicate that the country has the necessary facilities to undertake necessary repairs and accept ship-building contracts.
Interested ship building firms can approach Colombo Dockyard with business proposals or enter the country’s ship building business as it is an area that has room for expansion since only a few players are currently operating within the industry.


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