ADB ready to implement Colombo Suburban Railway Efficiency project - Opportunity Sri Lanka
ADB ready to implement Colombo Suburban Railway Efficiency project

ADB ready to implement Colombo Suburban Railway Efficiency project

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) says it will continue to focus on the USD 100 million Colombo Suburban Railway Efficiency project, which has been outlined in its 2018 pipeline of projects for Sri Lanka, even without the railway master plan. The ADB has added that it was imperative the government approve the master plan to obtain the necessary technical assistance by the end of this year.
Since it has been determined that 50% of passenger movement was covered by the Panadura to Veyangoda railway line making it the most important line that needs to be given priority under the proposal, it was possible to focus on this even without a master plan.
Findings of the master plan would definitely impact the future of Sri Lanka’s railway sector, and the proposed technical assistance falls under the priority investment areas for projects and programmes identified under the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) of the ADB. Upgrading and expanding infrastructure by supporting strategic investments and policy reforms in key sectors such as transport, energy, and urban development have been identified as important areas under the CPS.
The proposed technical assistance will establish a strategy for the development of the railway sector and its integration into a multimodal transport system within the country, complementing road, air, and sea transport, and it will also develop a pipeline prioritising strategic interventions in the railway sector for infrastructure development and capacity building in Sri Lanka.


The proposed technical assistance will result in the identification of railway projects, providing an opportunity for transportation providers to bid and secure new project contracts. It will also be an opportunity for rolling stock manufacturers to provide railway engines, carriages, equipment etc. for the designated new railway lines.
Going even further, looking at the new railway master plan, various urban/township development programmes could also be mooted as auxiliary projects.

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