Electric-Automobile Assembling Plant

Electric-Automobile Assembling Plant



Geographical Location

Location in close proximity to a major port facility in Sri Lanka

Project Description

The first phase will be to import semi-finished cars, establish an automotive assembly factory and train skilled workers. In the second phase, automobile production lines will be imported to produce small trucks and passenger dual-use MPV (mini van). During the third phase, a complete production line will be formed to include auto parts production lines and vehicle production lines, to promote the development of the national auto industry in all ways and integrating with the world.  

Rationale / Objectives

This project is to create an automobile assembly plant, with total capacity production could reach up to 10,000 electric cars per annum.

Sri Lanka’s cars are mainly imported from abroad. The higher tariffs on vehicles caused high market prices and consumed a lot of foreign exchange. By phased investment and guidance, we can help Sri Lanka form a basic automotive manufacturing capability to reach self-sufficiency.

The factory will be established in a 100% eco-friendly ever green basis with waste disposals and paying great attention to the environment.

We intend to solve the problem of unemployment – initial assembly plant can provide up to 800 jobs and the annual output value will be USD $100 Mn. Through training programs, 800 employees will be transformed into high skilled workers, and we intend to train thousands of employees in the future.

Project Size

An estimated Investment of USD $250 Mn

Planned Start Date

Proposed projects can be initiated with immediate effect, by identifying a suitable factory and facilitate as the local agent for approvals, licenses and final commissioning of the plant.

Project Documentation

Potential Investor / Developers are invited for Foreign Direct Investment or a composition of a Joint Venture Holdings with SJK Strategies. Recommended initial step is to submit an Expression of Interest on the interested project. Followed by a preliminary proposal including, company profile, Board of Directors profiles, Past Experience, Technological Capabilities, Patented Technology if any, Competitive advantage of technology and materials utilized to complete the project,  Past Three years audited financial reports  and the end to end solution offered for the project.

Current Status

Available. Sourcing capable investors’ or developers who can contribute equity infusion or a suitable factory. And we as SJK Strategies will facilitate as the local agent for approvals, licenses and final commissioning of plant.

Recommended Way forward

  1.       Exclusive Mandate authorizing Local Promoter to participate on behalf of the Investor /  Developer
  2. Submission of Expression Of Interest
  3.  Submission of Initial Screening Documents by the proponent including proof of funds
  4.  Signing of Coorporation Agreement with the responsibility matrix
  5. Submission of Preliminary Proposal
  6. Obtaining principal go ahead by the authorities
  7. Develop a detailed proposal with the help of a local promoter after carrying out a feasibility study
  8. Preparation of a fund raising model and a commercial proposal
  9. Final approval and financial closure.
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