To establish and operate an agro zone

To establish and operate an agro zone

Investment opportunity:
• To develop the Agro Zone to facilitate animal husbandry and dairy.
• To cultivate cash crops using annual rainfall patterns and by using agro wells and also by using the rainwater harvesting methodology.

Location of the proposed: 600 acres MASL land at Sinhapura within Welikanda.

Value of investment: USD 35 million total project.

Method of investment: foreign direct investment

Commencement date: investor could start on project ASAP by submitting proposal and obtaining BOI approval.

How to start the Agro Zone: the Investor/Developer shall develop and operate the Agro Zone together with the development of infrastructure facilities within the zone.

Tax concessions applicable: board of investment concessions/duty free facilities for the importation of equipment, building materials etc.

OSL Take:

The unity government is encouraging FDI’s in to a basket of investment opportunities identified to optimize job creation within the island, and also to lift up the country’s income level to the middle income category by 2030.

The sustainability goals proposed by the UN are also taken in to consideration when developing these zones and overseas investors will receive the fullest cooperation and support from the government ministries entrusted to develop these zones as a team.

OSL as the leading funding matchmaker to government proposed mega-projects is at your call 24X7 to help with the way forward.

So feel free to consult biz-friendly OSL Team now for more help.

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LOCATION : Welikanda
SECTOR : Agriculture

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