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Textbooks to be imported for Sri Lankan curriculum

Textbooks to be imported for Sri Lankan curriculum

The unity government wants the participation of importers to supply the growing demand for school text books in order to avoid the delays incurred in the printing.

Present Sri Lankan school system:
• There are 10,390 government schools in the island and the curriculum offered is approved by the Ministry of Education.
• Schooling is compulsory for children from 5 + to 13 years of age.
• Education is state funded and offered free of charge at all levels, including the university level.
• The government also provides free textbooks to schoolchildren.
• Literacy rates and educational attainment levels rose steadily after Sri Lanka became an independent nation in 1948 and today the youth literacy rate stands at 97%.
• The government gives high priority to improving the national education system and access to education.
• The medium of language could be Sinhala, Tamil or English.
• English is taught as a 2nd language.
• Students sit the G.C.E O/L at the end of 11 years of formal education and G.C.E. A/L examinations at the end of 13 years.

The island’s education structure is divided into 5 parts:
1. Primary.
2. Junior secondary.
3. Senior secondary.
4. Collegiate.
5. Tertiary.

The present policy is for the government press to supply the annual quota of text books as prescribed by the Ministry of Education, but recurrent delays have resulted in this decision to procure text books from outside suppliers.

OSL Take:

Interested parties should register their interest ASAP with OSL to bid for the quotas allocated annually.

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