Opportunity to become Equity Partners Nakachcha Huraa Island - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Opportunity to become Equity Partners Nakachcha Huraa Island

Opportunity to become Equity Partners Nakachcha Huraa Island

NAKACHCHA HURAA is presently a sandbank on a large lagoon in the North Male Atoll. The current size is approximately 2 hectares and reclaiming can be done ideally up to 10 hectares according to Environmental Impact Assessment. The location provides a unique opportunity as one of the locations in which an island can be reclaimed due to shortage of vacant islands near Velana International Airport (previously known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport).
The island is 23 KM away from Male and can be reached within 35 minutes by speedboat. The project consists of reclaiming an area of 6.5 hectares for the construction of a resort. The resort will consist of 200 units which will include 100 water villas, 30 beach villas, 35 Garden Villas, 20 Over water deluxe suites ,10 garden suites and 5 beach suites.
This is a wonderful opportunity for an investor to become an majority equity partner in a location that will undoubtedly be kay in attracting tourism due to its close proximity to the Velana International Airport as well as its unique location in a central area of the lagoon.

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LOCATION : North Male Atoll
SECTOR : Tourism and Hotel
PROJECT VALUE : Investment for Island USD 2.5 Mn/ Investment for Resort Construction USD 35Mn
INVESTMENT TYPE : Equity Partner - Current owner is offering majority share for USD 2.5 million and the new investor needs to inject 100% financing.

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