Manufacturing Healthcare Supplements & Cosmetic Products - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Manufacturing Healthcare Supplements & Cosmetic Products

Manufacturing Healthcare Supplements & Cosmetic Products



Geographical Location

A location closer to the main ports in Sri Lanka

Project Description

The project will consist of the manufacture of Healthcare Supplements, cosmetic Products including skin Care products such as moisturizer, Fairness creams, ointments, Sunscreen lotions, gels , soaps and all types of beauty and cosmetic related products.

Fringe benefits and incentives offered by the government

To further facilitate the investment process, the BOI sets out incentives and perks which cement the government’s drive. Significantly, when you sign an agreement with the BOI, the specific incentives granted to an eligible company — which may include tax holidays or preferential tax rates, exemption from customs duty and foreign exchange controls — remain valid for the life of the enterprise and to underline the stance of investor centric rationalization, it further states that the provisions and the spirit of the Agreement cannot be changed by successive governments. This is the fundamental strength of a BOI agreement.

Project Size

US $ 15 million and above

Significance of the project

High Profit margins in manufacturing healthcare supplements and investing in the production of Cosmetics Products with large volume of market share for the export of goods.

Concessions and benefits offered by government

• Applicable Tax Concessions shall be granted by the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka.
• Clearance shall be granted by the Ministry of Health to maintain standards of the manufactured products.
• Duty free facilities can be given for the importation of equipment, Building Materials etc Under the BOI Incentives.

Current Status

Project can be initiated with immediate effect, by submission of a proposal to SJK Strategies. Potential Investors / Developers are invited for Foreign Direct Investment or any composition of Joint Venture between Local & Foreign Investors to set up Projects within Sri Lanka. The Project Company shall qualify for applicable incentives under the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka.

Reasons to invest

• Only country in the South Asia that has Free Trade Agreements with both India & Pakistan • Already giving you Free Trade access to approximately 25% of world’s population
• Free Trade Agreement being negotiated with China

Major economic and social benefits

• Increase in the employment
• Increase in the health care
• Awareness of health services
• Rise in the living standards of people
• Growth in the overall economy of a country

Recommended way forward

1. Exclusive Mandate authorizing Local Promoter to participate on behalf of the Investor / Developer
2. Submission of Expression Of Interest
3. Submission of Initial Screening Documents by the proponent including proof of funds
4. Signing of Coorporation Agreement with the responsibility matrix
5. Submission of Preliminary Proposal
6. Obtaining in principal go ahead by the authorities
7. Develop a detailed proposal with the help of a local promoter after carrying out a feasibility study
8. Preparation of a fund raising model and a commercial proposal
9. Final approval and financial closure.

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