Huwadumawattaru Island Resort - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Huwadumawattaru Island Resort

Huwadumawattaru Island Resort

Huwadumawattaru island resort presents a unique opportunity to construct a resort in an island spanning 1.5 hectares. The flagship resort project shall have upto 100 to 125 units which includes 70 beach villas, 54 water villas as well as one premier Beach villa and one premier water villa each. The project shall also include a jetty house, a walkway over water, bar, restaurant and coffee shop, spa, dive school, swimming pool, specialty restaurant, and a reception& front office including a conference and business centre.
Maldives has been one of the primary travel destinations and thus a lucrative market for any tourism related projects. The project is a significant opportunity to establish a presence in Maldivian tourism sector and especially with its close proximity to Malé being within only 35 from a sea plane.
With Maldivian tourism industry picking up steam once again after the global recession and has already shown 359,053 visitors in the months up to march in 2017 a 4% increase compared to the same period in 2016. The number of registered accommodation facilities has also gone up by 99 facilities showing tremendous growth.
The project will be lucrative and will offer a significant upside on investment as it will continue to be benefited off of the thriving tourism industry and poses only a lesser risk with tourism numbers continuing in an upward trend.

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