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Homeopathic Training College & Homeopathic Hospital

Homeopathic Training College & Homeopathic Hospital



Geographical Location

5 Acres state owned land at Kalawana

Project Description

Since there is no homeopathic Training college in Sri Lanka, students who wish to study medicine go to neighboring countries such as India and Pakistan at a great cost to the country. Hence it is proposed to establish a homeopathic training college and a hospital at Kalawana in a 5 acre land. The homeopathic training college will provide students with extensive clinical internship, and community and patients with affordable, high-standard care. The college will provide student practitioners with the clinical internship required, under the supervision of experienced Homeopaths all the while treating patients with great care and success.

Project Size

US $5.0 Million

Significance of the project

  • Homeopathy has the potential to generate saving through reduced conventional prescribing and demand for other services. Training college and homeopathic hospitals is to be set up on a five-acre plot in Kalawana.
  • The project will enhance the facilities available in the country for studying homeopathy and more local students who are willing to learn this system of medicine at much less cost, it will save a significant amount of foreign exchange.
  • Large portion of the population in Sri Lanka is reported to be heavily dependent on indigenous medicine to meet their health care needs. Homeopathy being one safest and cost effective system of medicinal practices all over the world, there is an increasing demand for its professional service in Sri Lanka thus can aid the health sector of the country.

Current Status

Project can be initiated with immediate effect.

Reasons to invest

Education in Sri Lanka has a long history which dates back two millennia and the Constitution of Sri Lanka provide for education as a fundamental right. The Sri Lanka’s population has a literacy rate of 92%, higher than that expected for a third world country; it has the highest literacy rate in South Asia and overall, one of the highest literacy rates in Asia. In 2009, Sri Lanka possessed most literate population in South Asia and one of highest in developing world with literacy rate of 91.4% (90% and 93%respectively, for females and males) Extensive investment in public education has produced competent, trainable workforce, comfortable with high tech production and services.

Recommended way forward

1. Exclusive Mandate authorizing Local Promoter to participate on behalf of the Investor / Developer
2. Submission of Expression Of Interest
3. Submission of Initial Screening Documents by the proponent including proof of funds
4. Signing of Coorporation Agreement with the responsibility matrix
5. Submission of Preliminary Proposal
6. Obtaining in principal go ahead by the authorities
7. Develop a detailed proposal with the help of a local promoter after carrying out a feasibility study
8. Preparation of a fund raising model and a commercial proposal
9. Final approval and financial closure.

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