Foxla-The Smart Electric Car - Opportunity Sri Lanka
Foxla-The Smart Electric Car

Foxla-The Smart Electric Car

Foxla is an electric smart car which hopes to dominate electric car market within next few years of the world. Goal of Foxla within next 5 years to be among top 10 in electric car market. Within next10 years Foxla will introduce I-car (Intelligent Car) technology to the world. Foxla is having fresh design which is amazing and different from other car models. Foxla is not just an electric car also Foxla is not just a smart car. Foxla is a combination of smart car and electric car. Foxla will provides smart facilities such as easy parking due to the compact size, and complete integration with mobile phone. As a result of that user will be able to control vehicle using his mobile phone. One of the best smart car features we hope introduce to Foxla is a communication mechanism between other vehicles in the road in order to minimize traffic congestion. The main competitor Foxla has to compete will be Tesla. Foxla will offer much more features than Tesla with Fresh design. Our target audience would be luxurious layer of the society.

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LOCATION : Colombo
SECTOR : Technology

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